GDC 2017 Wrap-Up: Community Day, ‘Robo Recall,’ and Even More New Games Heading to Oculus in 2017
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March 7, 2017

This year at GDC, we invited Rift and Gear VR gamers to check out the latest and greatest titles coming to the Oculus Platform in 2017. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend! Our developer partners loved the chance to get your live feedback, and we were happy to help make those conversations happen.

Announcing All-New Sci-Fi VR Games Coming to Oculus
We had the chance to demo some brand-new content making its way to Rift and Touch at the show. Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

Raw Data
We took on Eden Corp as an elite SyndiK8 operative in Raw Data from Survios, and we can’t wait to play it over and over again to check out each character’s special abilities, weapons, and finishing moves.

We’re excited to share that Raw Data is coming soon to Rift and Touch! This hugely popular, high-octane technothriller from Survios supports both two-sensor 180° tracking and three-sensor configurations for those with larger play areas. Survios also added cross-platform functionality, so you can shoot robots or swing a katana with players on other supported VR platforms in co-op mode.

Crowe: The Drowned Army
A new studio launched by alumni from Amblin, Disney, and Pixar, The Rogue Initiative takes its first foray into VR with Crowe: The Drowned Army. You’ll interact with NPCs to solve puzzles, fight off an alien invasion, and unlock the secrets of the past in this sci-fi/fantasy adventure. They debuted the trailer at the show, and we’re stoked.

The Rogue Initiative plans to bring Crowe to Rift and Touch this spring.

A narrative-driven, post-apocalyptic shooter from Skydance Interactive, Archangel lets you take on a tyrannical corporation from the cockpit of a six-story war machine. We had a blast exploring the impressive weapon arsenal, which you switch out intuitively by flicking the joystick. The locomotion is incredibly smooth and navigation is simple—though the sensation of walking from a point of view so far removed from human scale took a little getting used to. Once you find your sea legs, you’ll be good-to-go.

The studio’s first made-for-VR title, look for Archangel to hit Oculus Rift with full Touch support in July.

These titles join an already stellar lineup of new content coming to the Oculus Platform throughout 2017. Stay tuned for even more updates in the weeks ahead!

Robo Recall High Score Competition
We partnered with Epic Games and NVIDIA to host a daily Robo Recall high score competition that spanned all three of our booths.

Event competitions are always fun, but this one turned out to be pretty special. To help us tell the story, meet Zachary.

Not only did Zachary net the highest score across the entire event, he did it in just two playthroughs—and it was his very first time in VR.

Livestreaming from the Show Floor
We also teamed up with popular YouTube gamers to livestream their Rift demo experiences, which was an absolute blast.

MissesMae hacked-and-slashed her way through Killing Floor: Incursion’s zombie onslaught, while Cartoonz blasted his way to the No. 2 spot in Robo Recall—which is now available for free when you set up your Touch controllers.

Shout out to GhostRobo, who won a streamer-specific challenge and took home a Rift and Touch bundle for a lucky fan.

Thanks to everyone who visited the Oculus booth and helped make the event a success. We’ll see you on the show floor at GDC 2018!

— The Oculus Team