Gear VR: July’s Top 10 Releases
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Posted by Oculus VR
July 31, 2017

It’s been a busy month for Gear VR, with multiple game and experience launches every week. Today, we’re excited to share 10 of our favorites that came out this month:

When Alexandro volunteers for a dream experiment, he’s unaware that he’s about to be injected with Elsa, an AI that will digitize and feed off of his subconscious. Alteration is also available on Rift. Check out our interview with director Jérôme Blanquet for a behind-the-scenes look.

Apollo 11 VR Mobile
Step inside the greatest journey ever taken by humankind. Apollo 11 VR Mobile mixes original archive audio and video with accurate recreations based on NASA data, so you can take one giant leap for humankind.

Augmented Empire
Blending stunning visuals and turn-based action, Augmented Empire brings a cyberpunk tale of disparity and hope to Gear VR—with the vocal talents of Kate Mulgrew, Nick Frost, and Garrick Hagon. Click here for more information.

Base Blitz
Get strategic in Base Blitz, an RTS that pits you against an AI bent on your destruction. Level up, build your army, and advance your tech as you move through unique challenges and create custom maps.

Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit
When a rogue replicant kills two people, it’s up to you to run him down. Experience a dystopian vision of future Los Angeles in Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit. You can read about our Comic-Con installation and the next two Blade Runner VR experiences here.

Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel
Part documentary, part virtual theatre, BBC’s Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel takes you inside a moment that changed Irish history forever. The story revolves around tape recordings of Willie McNeive, where he talks about his involvement in the 1916 Easter Rising.

Explore sinister tombs and crypts, armed with nothing but a map and your wits. Find powerful weapons and wield mighty artifacts to fight off the undead in KryptCrawler, a classic first-person, grid-based dungeon crawler.

Brought to you by Felix & Paul Studios and Funny Or Die, Miyubi puts you in the body and mind of a Japanese toy robot given to a young boy on his birthday in 1982 suburban America. Embrace ’80s nostalgia in the world’s first long-form scripted VR comedy. For an in-depth interview with one of the film’s creators, click here.

Unimersiv: Dinos Update
In this new Unimersiv experience, you’ll walk with dinosaurs and discover more about their lives. From the Triceratops to the Elasmosaurus, get up close and personal with all your favorite Dinosaurs.

VR Sports Challenge Mobile
Choose between three skill games in VR Sports Challenge Mobile. Whether you want to play solo or against your friends with pass and play, the Gear VR Controller puts the ball in your hands.

The Best Is Yet to Come
We’ve got even more games, experiences, and updates coming to Gear VR in August and beyond, so keep an eye on the Oculus Store for the latest releases.

— The Oculus Team