Who You Gonna Call: ‘Ghostbusters VR’ Announced for Meta Quest 2

Oculus Blog
April 20, 2022

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood…well, you don’t need to call anyone. Not when you can throw on your Meta Quest 2 headset and take on the ghosts yourselves.

Today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase ended with Mark Zuckerberg teeing up one last world premiere: Ghostbusters VR. Even the Ecto-1 made a brief appearance. If you ain’t afraid of no ghost…prove it, and check out the debut trailer:

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR) has tapped Phantom: Covert Ops developer nDreams to bring this new chapter of the Ghostbusters universe to life. Head to San Francisco and start your very own Ghostbusters HQ. With a trusty proton pack on your back and a P.K.E. meter in-hand, you have everything you need to track, blast, and trap ghosts—and begin to unravel a mysterious conspiracy that threatens the entire city. You can go it alone, or grab up to three friends for a true Ghostbusters crew experience.

“If you’re looking to create a big, engaging multiplayer VR game that has to be experienced to be believed, who you gonna call? nDreams,” said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment. “Virtual reality on Meta Quest 2 truly allows us to live out our dream of being a Ghostbuster. The world, the ghosts and the iconic tools and equipment deliver the ultimate VR adventure. And most importantly, busting ghosts with your friends is fun!”

So if you’re troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night, if you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic, if you or any of your family have ever seen a specter or ghost—don’t wait another minute. Pick up a Meta Quest 2 headset and get ready for Ghostbusters VR. We’ve got plenty more to share in the coming months, so keep an eye out here or at the official site for updates.