Go Places From Home, Only in VR

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April 15, 2020

VR has the ability to make us feel more connected and engaged—even in times of social distancing. From social experiences and multiplayer titles to fitness apps, arcade games, and more, we’ve seen people rally around great VR content, breaking a sweat, climbing mountains, and even saving the galaxy. Today, we’re highlighting some of our favorite titles to help you move your body, connect with friends, and discover new worlds—all from home.


Whether you prefer dance clubs or the gym, VR is the perfect place to stay active. Grab your headset and get moving!

Called “the quintessential fitness game for VR” by Forbes, BoxVR packs an award-winning punch. Jab, weave and uppercut your way through workouts on Oculus Quest or the Rift Platform. And if you’d rather dance the night away, head over to Dance Central on Quest or the Rift Platform for a non-stop party complete with fitness tracker.


Meet up with friends even when you’re not in the same room. VR lets you hang out with friends and even make new ones while socializing in unique places.

Host a virtual movie night or play your favorite PC games on a giant screen with Bigscreen Beta on Quest and the Rift Platform. Then get ready to dodge paintballs or just kick back at the park in Rec Room on Quest and the Rift Platform.


Travel the world and explore or create new ones without ever leaving your living room—thanks to the magic of VR.

Scale new heights and take in breathtaking views in The Climb on Quest and the Rift Platform. Then teleport to any number of stunning destinations, from the Egyptian pyramids and the Taj Mahal to the streets of Paris and beyond, in Wander on Quest and Oculus Go.

The Great Indoors

Quest owners should also be sure to check out The Great Indoors, a series of Daily Deals plus specially-priced Duo Pack bundles running weekly for a limited time.

Now through 9:59 am PT on April 17, you can score discounts on the Stay Active From Home Duo Pack featuring BoxVR and Racket: Nx and the Party With Friends Duo Pack featuring Raccoon Lagoon and Synth Riders. We’ll have a new set of Duo Packs starting at 10:00 am PT on April 17, so be sure to visit the Oculus Store on Quest for the latest.

Go Places From Home

VR has the power to break down physical and emotional barriers, letting us experience new things from the comfort of home. How do you move, connect, and discover in ways that are possible #OnlyInVR? Let us know in the comments or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.