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Grand Sensei Invites You to a Showdown at the Hoedown: ‘Loco Dojo’ Now Available
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
April 27, 2017

Looking for the zaniest, most over-the-top VR party game around? Look no farther than Loco Dojo. The game UploadVR described as “like Mario Party for Oculus Touch” is now available for Rift.

Put your silliest skills to the test at the Table of Trials as you compete against up to three friends online, or take on Grand Sensei’s solo challenge. Prove your worth to obtain the fabled black headband—the highest honor Grand Sensei can bestow.

A series of 16 minigames span four unique zones—Countryside, Foggy Swap, Seaside, and Rocky Desert—merging the martial arts theme with a Wild West aesthetic. That may seem like a crazy design decision at first, but turns out it’s crazy like a fox.

“We asked an external partner that we really trust—Lowrider Sound—to create the music and SFX,” says Make Real Lead Designer Pete Newing. “They listened to a bunch of classic kung-fu and cowboy western soundtracks and started to pick out elements of both to mix together. Although on the right track, it still felt a bit too serious, so they added elements of bluegrass and Gypsy Jazz and went to town with wooden percussion sounds to make it really gel with the visuals. We absolutely loved how the unique mix of instruments and influences resulted in a playful, slightly frantic vibe that was a perfect match for the gameplay.”

Minigame names like “Hook a Hog,” “Ninja Biscuits,” and “Chum Gun” should give you a sense of the wild wackiness that Loco Dojo has in store. But nothing could have prepared us for the hilarious spectacle of milking a pig in VR.

“Milking cows is run of the mill—nobody milks pigs (and probably rightly so),” Newing explains. “A lot of ideas for minigames were condemned to the ‘rejects’ box because they just weren’t silly enough.”

A nice bonus for fans of Star Wars, Flash Gordon, and Shakespeare alike, Brian Blessed lends his booming vocal talents as the voice of Grand Sensei, adding to the game’s larger-than-life feel—not to mention an extra layer of behind-the-scenes fun.

“Brian was awesome, a real gentleman and very professional—and an absolute hoot,” notes Newing. “It took a good 45 minutes between him entering the studio and actually getting round to saying hello to any of us as he just launched straight into a mammoth story encompassing several of his adventures at home and abroad, as well as a pretty epic reenactment of the classic western Shane. We started to worry that we’d run out of studio time before we’d even started recording, but we got down to business in the end. Brian whizzed through the script in no time, so we got him to read out the game credits for us, too!”

While the team isn’t ready to share plans for future updates just yet, a wall in the Make Real office is covered in post-it notes, each with an idea for a potential new minigame. Time will tell if Grand Sensei has any additional challenges up his sleeves.

Until then, let’s see who has what it takes to bring home the black headband in Loco Dojo!

— The Oculus Team