Groundrush Update Amps Up the Adrenaline of ‘EVE: Valkyrie’
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Posted by Oculus VR
April 11, 2017

EVE: Valkyrie—the game The Verge called “basically Top Gun in space”—takes the dogfight out of orbit and down to earth with the Groundrush update, available now on Rift.

The fifth major update to one of VR’s flagship titles, Groundrush introduces the game’s very first ground-based map, Solitude. Test your flight skills as you speed across the planet’s surface and descend into the tight spaces and subterranean caverns of a top-secret Schism facility.

Mountainous terrain and underground tunnel networks reward risks and exploration as you immerse yourself in adrenaline-fueled action. Ripped from the freedom of open space, you’ll have to keep one eye on the enemy and the other on the horizon as you maneuver your way past environmental hazards to victory.

“It opens up a host of new gameplay opportunities when you’re being chased down by an enemy,” says Lead Game Designer Andrew Willans. “Timing those tight turns and getting the drop on your pursuer is a game of cat-and-mouse at its most deadly and exciting—proper fist-pumping stuff!”

More Maps and Modes
Beyond Solitude, the Groundrush update also brings new maps to the popular Wormhole game mode for an even weirder wild ride. And with the enhancements to co-op, players can now enjoy both Carrier Assault and Control modes when teaming up for battle for the most satisfying multiplayer experience yet.

The CCP Games team has been hard at work on a number of other behind-the-scenes improvements like pilot animations, updates to the Combat playlist, Tactical Map and Training mode tweaks, and more.

Back into Battle
True to its name, the Groundrush update should get your pulse pounding as you engage in aerial combat like only EVE can deliver. Avoid obstacles, take cover, and achieve your objective before the enemy shoots you down. And never, ever leave your wingman.

“We’re grateful to the Rift community for their support and excited to see so many new pilots coming online every day,” Willans adds. “If you haven’t picked up Valkyrie yet, don’t be afraid to join in!”

We can’t wait to watch some breathtaking streams of the new maps on Twitch. Check out the EVE: Valkyrie Community Forums to get started.

— The Oculus Team