Head of the Class: Saweetie Brings Icy University to Oculus TV on the Quest Platform

Oculus Blog
August 24, 2021

From hit singles like “Tap In” and “My Type” to big-name partnerships with McDonald’s and Jack Daniel’s, rapper Saweetie is no stranger to success. And you can learn some tricks of the trade with the launch of Icy University Season 2 in Oculus TV on the Oculus Quest Platform.

Following on from the success of Season 1, Icy University’s second semester takes you inside a custom 3D-180° world. The four-episode season covers a variety of topics with special guests. The first episode, available now, features singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer Chlöe Bailey.

“From Bossonomics to Flyology, Season 1 of Icy University was all about self-care, boss moves, and pretty bitch energy,” says Saweetie. “For Season 2, we’re bringing more of the same with some new faces for Professor Icy to bounce ideas off of and elevating the experience with some exciting new tech. Your squad won’t want to miss it—IKDR.”

To bring the new season to life, [matrix] artists in collaboration with 3D Live teamed up with Facebook and Oculus for a trailblazing partnership that’s bringing content to VR while also making it available for mobile and desktop viewing. And to celebrate the launch, [matrix] artists produced some 360° backgrounds for Messenger Rooms and video calls to let fans immerse themselves in the Icy U campus, from the classroom to the quad.

Season 2 of Icy University is a hybrid project, incorporating stereoscopic 3D video and a computer-generated set—an unusual technique that’s done in layers. Interestingly, the show’s “jumbotron” picture-in-picture is also in stereoscopic 3D, which was a challenge to pull off, but the team was committed to hitting a high quality bar.

“Saweetie and the team were really excited about making content for VR, and they drove the ideas and project from a place of passion,” says Facebook Reality Labs Immersive Media Lead Eric Cheng. “It was different from a lot of other partnerships, where we have to really educate the team and take the lead on idea generation. I’m thrilled that Saweetie and [matrix] artists were so excited to experiment in the space. We hope to see more content that blends video and CG elements in immersive media in the future.”

Check out the first episode of Icy University Season 2 in Oculus TV on the Quest Platform today. New episodes are streaming weekly, so be sure to check back for more.