Take a Closer Look at Gravity-Defying Combat in ‘Hellsweeper VR’, Coming to Meta Quest 2 Later this Year

Oculus Blog
August 25, 2022

If you’ve been seeking a VR game designed to make you feel like a true demon-slaying badass that cannot be contained either by gravity or the laws of physics themselves, then look no further than Hellsweeper VR.

Earlier this summer we first revealed that Hellsweeper VR, the latest rogue-like first-person combat game from the creators of Sairento VR: Untethered would be coming to Meta Quest 2 later this year, and the team is back with a special look at just how over-the-top and chaotic of an experience Hellsweeper VR can be in the right hands.

In Hellsweeper VR, players take on the role of an undead immortal tasked with entering hell with the sole purpose of eradicating its hordes of twisted souls. In Mixed Realms’ previous VR action game, Sairento VR: Untethered, the developers focused specifically on making players feel as incredible and powerful as possible. That meant things you typically won’t find in many VR games, like wall-running, power-sliding, backflips, and more were key pieces of your arsenal of maneuvers.

Now, Hellsweeper VR aims to crank things up even further. Players will be able to effortlessly juggle enemies in the air, rip them limb-from-limb using powerful psychic abilities, or even use lifeless corpses as surfboards. There’s no telling how unhinged players will become in VR after mowing down a few hundred demons during a quick weekend getaway to Hell.

Players will have more control than ever before over just how gory they want to get while slaying the wicked demons of Hell. Whether you decide to use melee weapons such as broadswords and axes, ranged weapons like pistols, shotguns, and bows, or even magical spells of fire, frost, and more, combat is focused on feeling as visceral and intense as possible. As you play and progress through the game you’ll unlock various progression paths and customization options that include skill trees and unlockable traits on each weapon type.

For example, once you become more experienced with the Broadsword weapon type, you can eventually perform a ‘Bladewave’ attack that sends out a concentrated slash of energy extending the blade’s reach. Similarly, as you develop prowess with magical elements like Fire, your abilities will evolve from simple fireballs and flamethrowers to enchanted fire weapons and more. Combining abilities together and unlocking new depths of power is central to combat in Hellsweeper VR.

There will be more ways than ever before to take your skills to the next level this time around as well. Not only can you face down the hordes of hellish demons by yourself in the standard campaign mode, but you can also do so with a friend in co-operative multiplayer or even in a roguelike mode, tower missions (endless survival mode), or sandbox arenas to really test your mettle.

Hellsweeper VR is built atop a limitless movement system that encourages you to defy the earthly laws of gravity you’re accustomed to in real-life and let the magic of Quest 2 take you away. The no-holds-barred locomotion system is designed to make you feel as powerful and unrestrained as possible without sacrificing the precision you need to be a surgical machine of death and destruction.

How many arms and legs will you rip off to use as baseball bats to beat back demon scum? Probably too many to count.

We can’t wait for you to get your bloody hands on Hellsweeper VR when it dropkicks its way onto the Quest 2 and PC VR later this year. Make sure and check out other recent titles from publisher Vertigo Games, such as After the Fall, or Mixed Realm’s previous out-of-this-world action-packed VR game, Sairento: VR Untethered, for even more epic shenanigans.