Hidden Gems: Discover Great Indie Games

Oculus Blog
May 8, 2020

Today we’re highlighting a selection of some really cool Rift titles including a selection from Oculus Start and Oculus Launch Pad. We love finding exciting new voices in the VR community, and we often find them from our two developer programs. Oculus Start is a program created for VR application developers who are just getting started. It provides qualifying developers with access, support, and savings so they can focus on creating inspired VR applications. Oculus Launch Pad is designed to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds with hands on training and support, so they can iterate on their unique ideas and bring them to market. We’re honored to share some of the incredible work to come from these rad developers.

Art Plunge
Art Plunge is a gallery where you can get the feeling of being inside famous paintings. This is a short but sweet experience featuring VR interpretations of the following five artworks: Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Birth of Venus, The Creation of Adam, and Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window.

Developer: Space Plunge
Perfect For: Art enthusiasts and museum-goers
Available On: Rift Platform // Oculus Go

Bizarre Barber
Have you ever wanted to be a hairstylist? Or maybe you just love having fun? Grab your VR controllers, and get ready to snip away! Bizarre Barber is a surreal, fun, and fast-moving haircutting experience set on a subway platform.

Developer: Synesthetic Echo, LLC
Perfect For: Speculative fiction fans
Available On: Rift Platform

BOW MAN is a Japanese style classic VR bow game! Your mission is to shoot enemies and targets as accurate and quickly as possible.

Developer: DMM.com LLC
Perfect For: Archers and crack shots
Available On: Rift Platform

Drums of War
Step into the role of a gigantic orc and pound virtual drums to the beat of blasting heavy metal. Move forward and rampage through fantasy landscapes, destroying enemies, and reclaim the right to once again call yourself the king of the mountain.

Developer: Grind Core Games LLC
Perfect For: Rhythm game rock stars
Available On: Rift Platform

Ducks have taken over the world and are now in control. They have even managed to create a complete new society and their only goal is to annihilate humanity. You are one of the last survivors, able to develop your own array of weapons and booby traps to fight off vicious attacks of swarms of robot ducks.

Developer: Leon Klein Breteler
Perfect For: Fans of classic 8-bit arcade games
Available On: Rift Platform // Oculus Go

ENHANCE VR offers a daily brain training workout of mini-games designed to increase your attention levels by engaging your whole body.

Developer: Virtuleap
Perfect For: Life-long learners
Available On: Rift Platform

Golden Loft
Explore your grandfather’s attic and uncover his fascination with the Golden Ratio. Some of the greatest mathematical minds throughout the ages from the Ancient Greeks to modern day have been entranced by this simple ratio and its properties. Learn about the remarkable usage of math in the world with Golden Loft.

Developer: MATTERvr
Perfect For: Mathematicians and artists alike
Available On: Rift Platform // Oculus Go

Into the Radius VR
Into the Radius is a single-player survival shooter for VR veterans. Stalk the Pechorsk Radius Zone filled with surreal landscapes and dangerous anomalies. Use stealth, climbing, or realistic firearms to explore, scavenge for loot, and recover strange artifacts in an unforgiving dystopian environment.

Developer: CM Games
Perfect For: Fans of stealth games and survival shooters
Available On: Rift Platform

Ollie is a VR animation tool designed for beginners in 3D animation. Ollie introduces key concepts in animation to new animators in a highly visual way, making the animation process feel playful, approachable, and encouraging. Ollie is the best way for beginners to start animating in 3D.

Developer: Ollie
Perfect For: Aspiring artists
Available On: Rift Platform

You and your friends are sucked into a sentient TV—transporting you into a virtual world of weird and wonderful settings, where your mental and physical skills are tested in 25 hugely varied rapid-fire games. From hurling old records at zombies to quick draws against cowboys to speed eating burgers—the situation changes as quickly as surfing TV channels.

Developer: Ruffian Games
Perfect For: Party game lovers
Available On: Rift Platform

Reiko’s Fragments
Never have a dead party again! In this VR vs. Crowd game, the VR player must escape a haunted house, a vengeful ghost and even worse, their friends playing as spirits who have full control over the house they're trying to escape!

Developer: Pixel Canvas Studios
Perfect For: Couch co-op fans with a competitive streak
Available On: Rift Platform

Synthesis Universe - Story Episode 00 -
Explore a succession of musical sequences all linked through a central hub. Each sequence is a story moment, inspired by the structure of the music. Every note, every beat is alive and surround you.

Developer: OlivierJT
Perfect For: Fans of synthwave music
Available On: Rift Platform

Takelings House Party
A frantic and whimsical local multiplayer party game for VR. Takelings have invaded this quiet suburban home and it’s up to Hal to exterminate these pests using whatever means necessary!

Developer: DimnHouse
Perfect For: Your next VR game night
Available On: Rift Platform

The Tower 2
Run, swing, and glide through a neon-lit homage to your favorite ’80s sci-fi action movies. Master wall-running, use jump-pads, rise above the city while holding onto flying drones, and shoot your way out of encounters with flying assassination-robots.

Developer: Headroom.one
Perfect For: Cyberpunk parkour fans
Available On: Rift Platform

Which of these indie games and apps is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!