Hold Your Ground: The Walking Dead Onslaught Storms Onto the Rift Platform

Oculus Blog
September 29, 2020

Will Alexandria become the cradle of a new civilization, a beacon of light in the vast darkness? That’s up to you. Today, Survios and AMC release The Walking Dead Onslaught, letting players step into the world of AMC’s hit show—and specifically, into the shoes of its fan-favorite characters, like the grizzled Daryl Dixon.

The Walking Dead Onslaught is the ultimate fan experience,” says Game Director Andrew Abedian. “You’re completely immersed in Alexandria, living through an original story we handcrafted with AMC, and one that stars official voice talent from the show cast.”

The campaign follows Daryl—voiced by Norman Reedus himself—as he reckons with the aftermath of a failed supply run and a life-changing encounter with a mysterious stranger. “The primary conflict in The Walking Dead Onslaught is an evolving conversation between Rick and Daryl about the ethical philosophy behind rebuilding society,” says Abedian. “Rick is trying to rebuild Alexandria as the keystone for a whole new world, which requires integrating their once-enemies into the larger community and making decisions for the good of the collective.”

Not everyone is on board. “Daryl challenges Rick repeatedly over these decisions, instead determined to try and save an innocent life—an act Daryl finds morally immovable and one Rick thinks might compromise the very future they are building towards,” says Abedian.

It’s a fully canonical story designed to fill in the gaps between seasons eight and nine of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show, between the Savior War and the rebuilt Alexandria that came after.

And you’re the one doing the rebuilding as well. In The Walking Dead Onslaught, you’ll scavenge for resources outside Alexandria’s walls, then use them to turn the settlement into a fortress of hope, a haven for survivors. As Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carol, you’ll hack, slash, and shoot your way through hundreds of walkers, lopping off limbs with Survios’s groundbreaking Progressive Dismemberment system. The longer you’re out, the higher your chances of drawing unwanted attention from the walkers, so be careful.

Onslaught is designed to deliver a deep sense of combat freedom and visceral satisfaction,” says Abedian. Excursions also allow you to discover new weapons, building out a robust arsenal that can be upgraded with unique effects—like the ability to slow down time after attacking a walker.

The Walking Dead Onslaught is a truly immersive offering,” says Clayton Neuman, VP of Games for AMC. “For the first time, fans of the show will be able to step into the shoes of their favorite characters and live out their post-apocalyptic fantasies. Playing this game is a bloody good time.”

Building on the lessons Survios learned from Raw Data and Sprint Vector, it’s also set to be one of the year’s most sophisticated VR titles. “This project has been a long labor of love for us, and we’re ecstatic to finally bring this to fans and players all over the world,” says Abedian.

The Walking Dead Onslaught releases today for the Rift Platform—and it’s playable on Quest as well, provided you have a compatible Oculus Link cable and PC.