Meta Horizon Worlds Continues Rolling Out Personal Space to More People

Oculus Blog
September 15, 2022

Meta Horizon Worlds* is a place to explore, play, and create. It’s also a social experience where you can spend time with friends and make new ones. To give people a place they can call their own in Meta Horizon Worlds, we introduced personal space, a place where you can hang out, play mini-games, or invite friends over before heading to a comedy club or concert. We’re also adding new features that give you more control over your personal space and how you interact with the people you invite. We started rolling out personal space to a small number of people in June 2022, and we’re continuing to bring the experience to even more of the Meta Horizon Worlds community over the coming weeks.

For those with access, after your initial visit, your personal space is where you start out each time you jump into Meta Horizon Worlds. Much like your home in the physical world, you set the culture of your personal space when you invite others to join you there. You decide who gets an invite, and your invited guests won’t have access to your personal space when you’re not there. You’ll also be able to set rules for people to follow and take action based on those rules as you see fit—like muting or removing someone from your personal space. Your followers won’t be able to see when you’re in a personal space and as always in Meta Horizon Worlds, you’ll be able to access the Safe Zone and report behavior that goes against the Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences (formerly the Conduct in VR Policy) from inside your personal space. With these features, personal space has become our first ‘closed’ experience within Meta Horizon Worlds.

Along with these changes, we’re also updating our Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences to better align with the standards and expectations people have for what’s acceptable in public versus closed spaces in the physical world. Check out the updated policy, and learn more about how you can use personal space.

We’re excited to continue opening up personal space to even more of the Meta Horizon Worlds community over the coming weeks, and we’ll have new updates to share in the future. Stay tuned to the blog for all the latest.

*Meta Horizon Worlds is currently available to people 18+ in the US, Canada, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, France, and Spain on Meta Quest 2.