Horizon Worlds Spotlight: BuffyBuffers

Oculus Blog
May 6, 2022

Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on the people building for Horizon Worlds and their amazing creations.

Last week, we stayed on the lighter side and got silly in the social game Ice Cream Frenzy, where you race with your friends to catch the most scoops tossed into the air by a giant octopus.

This week, BuffyBuffers tells us how Horizon Worlds gave her a new direction in life after the pandemic interrupted her career in music. And we talk to her about producing TV shows in-world and how much fun it can be.

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you interested in VR.

I used to work in musicals, and I was also a singer and songwriter. But after the pandemic began, I started painting and making jewelry.

I had been hearing about VR for a while before I ever had a headset, but I got my Meta Quest 2 as soon as it was available. I find the feeling of being fully immersed in virtual reality fascinating. It’s that feeling of actually being there and that, at that moment, it is my reality.

It’s a new way of getting together with people from all over the world and playing games with them in a fully immersed way—and it’s just amazing.

What do you draw upon for inspiration when building in Horizon Worlds?

I work with the most amazing people in Horizon Worlds, and they are my inspiration. When I put together a show for our in-world TV station, HZTV News Studio, I try to make it fun and entertaining for everyone. I love bringing the community together.

What do you want people to take away from their experience with your worlds?

I would love it if people saw that just about anything is possible in Horizon Worlds. You can do whatever you put your mind to, so just create what your heart and soul desires. The possibilities are practically endless.

Are you a programmer/creator as your day job, or do you see this as a hobby?

I’m devoting a lot of time to Horizon Worlds, and I work on it every day. I want to make it more than a hobby because I love doing it, and I love the people I’m with throughout this amazing ride.

What’s the experience of collaborating with others been like for you?

I always collaborate with others because it’s so amazing. Helping build a community is such a rewarding experience. You get to meet the most incredible people, and you see true friendships forming.

You can also learn so much from others, not just on a personal level but also about building and scripting. So the people I collaborate with have truly become a VR family that I love very much.

What’s your best advice for getting started on building worlds for Horizon Worlds?

Dive in. Just start playing with creating things. That’s how I made my first dress. When I started, I had no idea what I was doing, but it’s one of the most beloved dresses I’ve made.

And remember that even when you know a lot about building, there’s always more to learn.

What do you think the ultimate potential is for Horizon Worlds?

It’s endless. It can be anything and everything—from bringing people who live in different countries together to bringing out people’s creativity. And there’s also a lot of potential for people to start businesses and who want to change careers.

How do you think VR fits into the future vision of the metaverse?

I think VR is the most important part of the metaverse. I can’t imagine the metaverse without it because it connects everything together.

What’s your favorite VR experience?

By far, it’s Horizon Worlds. I’m there every day, and I love it.