Horizon Worlds Spotlight: Build a Box by Ashes2Ashes2

Oculus Blog
April 15, 2022

Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on the people building for Horizon Worlds and their amazing creations.

Last week, we heard from Flutt3r about their series of worlds that are relaxing and safe for anyone who needs a quiet refuge, and where they lead frequent live meditation sessions. This week, we take a look at the building blocks of world creation in Ashes2Ashes2’s Build a Box.

One of the terrific things about Horizon Worlds is that just about anyone can create for it. Make a great world and many will visit. And if you craft popular items, lots of people will want them. You might even eventually be able to earn some money with your efforts.

But first, you need to know the basics of how to build in Horizon Worlds, and Build a Box could be the perfect place to start.

It’s a simple world that uses a humble mailbox to illustrate how to make an item—and how it can stand out. Yet Ashes2Ashes2 wants you to understand that we all see things differently: one person may see a mailbox as a simple, streamlined letter receptacle, while someone else may imagine it as a place for a happy-looking octopus to await the daily mail delivery. In short, little embellishments can make something like a mailbox much more personal.

Ashes2Ashes2 hopes you’ll learn to distinguish between items you can include in your worlds, such as how to use one type of item when people will be looking at it from far away, and another when they’ll be much closer. And while you won’t get hands-on instruction in Build a Box, she’s created videos where she explains how to get building.

If you make something especially creative, she wants to shine a light on it—and on you. That’s why she’s currently displaying mailboxes by several builders as great examples of what’s possible with just a little imagination.