Horizon Worlds v77 Release Notes

Oculus Blog
September 27, 2022

Welcome to Horizon Worlds v77!

There are a lot of exciting updates in this release, but before we dive in, we want to thank you, the Horizon Worlds community, for your thoughts and feedback over the past several weeks. We hear you, and we’re going to spend the next several months focused on many of your quality concerns, like the stability of worlds and tools across releases. As always, we invite you to share your thoughts and flag any bugs or issues you experience in Horizon Worlds with us via UserVoice.

v77 includes 20 bug fixes, access to personal space and portals, and a host of new assets in the Asset Library. Let's get into it!

House Hunters: Horizon Worlds

We are rolling out personal space to more people over the next few weeks. We expect more of you to get shiny new “apartments” by October, and everyone should have their own space to invite friends over by the end of the year.

Aww Geez: New Portals!

You’ve probably seen those fancy portals that some people are dropping, which let you instantly travel to new worlds with friends. These have finished rolling out, so everyone should have access to them now! Jump into the Horizon Worlds Menu, hover over the World Card, and select “Portal” to try them out.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Assets

We're adding over 1,000 new assets to the asset library this week. Whether you're looking for new furniture, an alien spaceship, or something in between, chances are we've got you covered!

Known Issues

We met with a small group of creators on September 20 to discuss the issues with Visit 2.0, and one point of feedback we heard is that we should be more transparent generally with known issues in Horizon Worlds. To that end, here are some of the known issues we’re working to address:


We know there are issues with sounds being quiet and local in Edit Mode, but suddenly changing to Global after you publish. We’re going to reach out to a handful of creators to work directly with you to troubleshoot your worlds. The goal is to better understand a pattern of issues that we can then resolve for everyone. We’re also going to work with some of you to revert some worlds to Visit 1.0 to further help us dive into the underlying problems between the two modes. We’ll contact creators directly by email and Discord, so keep an eye on your inbox.

For the time-being, if you experience an issue in your worlds, please check if it might be due to a difference in how the world works in Edit Mode vs. Publish/Visit Mode or if it only occurs in Publish/Visit Mode and you can flag this nuance in UserVoice. Check the Bug Fixes section for Visit 2.0 issues we’ve already resolved in v77.


  • Arcade deeplink not working on non-Meta Accounts
  • When in Arcade, name tag includes a website URL
  • Arena Clash: After spawning into the game, players don’t have default gun
  • Avatar’s hands don’t fully close when grabbing objects
  • An error message will appear to both parties after one person blocks another
  • The “Find People to Follow” button is missing on the Following Tab
  • Empty state message does not appear in the (All) tab for first-time members
  • People don’t always receive a Follower notification when using a public profile
  • The Followers and Following tabs don’t have a number next to them that accurately reflects the number of people a person is currently following
  • When clicking on someone’s profile, the Following and Followers Tabs are currently missing
  • Frame rate unstable when a “Reset World” action in an “On World Start” event is used
  • The “get who is allowed to view object” codeblock returns an incorrect value when it’s used immediately after setting who can view the object [UserVoice]
  • Haptics aren’t applied when throwing an object
  • Some people can’t proceed past the Horizon Worlds loading page or the blue loading screen [UserVoice]
  • When Host updates personal space rules, the updated rules don’t appear for Guests
  • Info panels might show incorrect content in Arcade, Venues, and some people’s personal spaces
  • Level and stats getting reset in some worlds like Arena Clash and Purged [UserVoice]
  • The Muteicon doesn’t display when a person is globally muted for world
  • A message is not displayed on the Nearbytab if no one is nearby or has recently been nearby
  • New Horizon Worlds members don’t see the red indicator when receiving invites after they’ve completed the new member flow
  • When using Party Travel to travel to personal space with a visitor, the visitor may land on a blank screen
  • When selecting “return to home” while in a party, the creator rules panel doesn’t appear—people are able to Party Travel to their personal space without any creator rules being set beforehand
  • An error message appears when the Poll to Remove voting screen is closed—this doesn’t affect the Poll to Remove functionality
  • The system doesn’t automatically unmute a person after two hours in the world they were previously muted for by the creator
  • Worlds with special characters in their names don’t appear in the search results correctly on the World and Create tabs


  • Unable to approve more than the 10 most recent posts to world page [UserVoice]
  • The Custom Player Manipulation setting in Player Settings isn’t toggling on and off correctly
  • Red error appears when creator tries to “mute for world” to any visitor in Horizon Worlds
  • Grabbables shift position and are periodically thrown about the world [UserVoice]
  • Hittable assets aren’t working as intended [UserVoice]
  • If a creator manually animates a group using the properties panel, other people won’t see the animation occur in the group’s actual location
  • Object collisions aren’t triggering the event [UserVoice]
  • Physics assets aren’t working properly [UserVoice]
  • Reset code block doesn’t despawn assets as intended
  • Sound capacity changes between edit, visit, and how many people are in a world [UserVoice]
  • Sound Gizmo list populates from the bottom when using the search function
  • Unable to record any sound recorder input
  • Some weighted assets aren’t working as intended
  • World Collaborator invite notification isn’t showing Profile picture—please note, this won’t block anyone from opening up the message
  • World doesn’t reset after world reset event [UserVoice]
  • Projectiles are broken in some worlds—object velocities drop to 0,0,0 when you pick them up, which breaks the experience in some worlds that have things like “dart” games
  • Levels and stats are getting reset in some worlds like Arena Clash
  • There’s additional lag when you implement Achievements in worlds
  • There’s a slight delay when you use the SoundFX gizmo, but it should only be once per gizmo use

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issues with worlds not resetting properly
  • Objects now spawn properly again using Asset Spawning
  • Script events are now sent and received properly when spawning an Asset
  • Sounds no longer endlessly loop
  • Fixed projectiles so they aren’t just firing one at a time
  • World Creator and World Editor name tags now display in published worlds
  • Collisions are now firing scripts when colliding with players


  • Addressed a bunch of issues crashing people out of the app
  • Emojis play sounds again
  • Leaving Safe Zone no longer mutes everyone automatically
  • Fixed some issues with sharing to Facebook
  • Fixed an issue with people getting stuck on the avatar creation step during onboarding
  • Fixed an issue with avatars rendering weirdly when there are already 8+ avatars in a world


  • New assets can once again be pulled from the Asset Library
  • You can make new personal assets again
  • You can now mute and remove unwanted visitors from your worlds
  • We’ve squashed the delay in the Variable Group panels so changes update immediately
  • We’ve fixed some of the issues with the Reset codeblocks not doing what they’re expected to do
  • Fixed an issue where the tools didn’t know how to handle Persistent Variables being assigned to non-integers
  • FINALLY, we figured out why wires were being crossed in the Entity panels, and wires are once again plugged into the right panel
  • You can now sort worlds by most recently published