How ‘Jurassic World Aftermath’ fits into the ‘Jurassic World’ Franchise

Oculus Blog
December 7, 2020

Jurassic World Aftermath takes place between Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We spoke with Universal Games and Digital Platforms Executive Producer Brian Gomez and Associate Producer Penny Cook about how the game was conceived and how it fits into the overall Jurassic World storyline.

How did the idea of Jurassic World Aftermath first come about?

Brian Gomez: I think for a lot of Jurassic World fans, especially those that saw the original film growing up, one moment in particular seems to have struck a nerve for a lot of people—the scene with Lex and Tim hiding in the kitchen from raptors in the original Jurassic Park movie. This game is about that experience: Can you encounter Velociraptors, outsmart and outmaneuver them, and survive?

You’re responsible for ensuring that the game looks and feels like an authentic Jurassic World experience. What was the process like from ideation to the final game to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together?

BG: We worked really closely with our partners at Oculus and Coatsink to ensure they had access to whatever reference they needed to make our dinosaurs and environment feel as authentic as possible. Set photos, props, dinosaur models, sound effect libraries—whatever they needed to make this an immersive Jurassic World experience, we gave the development team access to it all. And since all of us on the team are massive Jurassic World fans to begin with, we knew what we wanted to experience as players and fans.

Penny Cook: This game is about more than just encountering a Velociraptor, or seeing someone like Owen train one from a safe distance. This game is about really feeling what it’s like to be stuck in a confined space with a dinosaur who may be about to ambush you. We really wanted to experience some of our fan-favorite dinosaurs from Jurassic World in a new way, and complete immersion in VR was a perfect match.

What is the thing you think fans will be most excited about for this game?

BG: Experiencing a dinosaur in VR is incredible. From experiencing that moment when you know the Velociraptor has spotted you to the awe of the sheer size of some dinosaurs to hearing a T. rex roar—it’s pretty exhilarating. You’ll either come away screaming or grinning. Hopefully both!

Be honest: Did you get scared while playing?

PC: Absolutely. The first time a Velociraptor leapt at me in VR, I jumped and almost fell over backwards. I’m sure my neighbor thinks very odd things: from a sudden scream and me occasionally banging against the wall during my play sessions. It’s incredibly immersive and even without the mood from the music and the sound effects that really bring it to life, coming face to face with a Velociraptor is a moment I will never forget.

What are some other juicy morsels all the Jurassic World fans out there might like to know before they sink their teeth into the game?

PC: Without spoiling too much, there is a bit of lore that ties in behind the scenes of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and some fans may spot a few fun interactions of events that happened outside of the film with one of our favorite Jurassic Park characters. I won’t tease the fans any longer, but if you’re not careful you’ll encounter quite a few teeth in this game!

Jurassic World Aftermath is coming soon to the Oculus Quest Platform.