Ice-Cold Combat: ‘ARKTIKA.1’ Now Available!

Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
October 10, 2017

Blast raiders, marauders, and mutated cannibals in a post-apocalyptic ice age with ARKTIKA.1—now available for Rift on the Oculus Store!

This is the first VR experience from 4A Games—the studio behind the popular Metro franchise—and we couldn’t be more excited. You’re a mercenary in the year 2021, protecting a colony in the Vostok region of what used to be Russia. After humanity’s failed last-ditch effort to combat the effects of global climate change, the world has descended into a new ice age. Nations have collapsed, resources are increasingly scarce, and small pockets of civilization struggle to survive.

ARKTIKA.1’s weapon design stands out, with every gun in the game sharing a modular design. You can mix and match accessories on top of basic frames, giving you tons of flexibility to custom design the right tool for the job.

Each area offers plenty of space to move around, allowing for strategic positioning. The game’s advanced cover system takes flanking maneuvers to a whole new level—enemies can destroy your cover and outflank you. You can interact with some of the environment to modify cover and even shoot around corners with modded weapons, adding up to intense battles full of strategic depth.

Road to VR called ARKTIKA.1 “gun-centric, highly detailed, and ready to impress,” while The Verge ranked it among the top-five most interesting games from Oculus at GDC. We can’t wait for everyone to dive and see for themselves.

Foray into the tundra today—see you in ARKTIKA.1!

— The Oculus Team