‘In Death: Unchained’ Adds Seasons, Plus ‘Siege of Heaven’ DLC Gets an Upgrade

Oculus Blog
February 16, 2021

With a satisfying bow-and-arrow mechanic, rougelike elements, and a creeptastic atmosphere, In Death: Unchained on the Oculus Quest Platform offers the procedurally-generated worlds of the original without the need for a gaming PC. And today, developer Superbright is back with some exciting updates.

Less intense than the game proper, In Death: Unchained’s Siege of Heaven DLC switches things up with a tower defense vibe while maintaining the ethereal medieval aesthetic. Now, it’s getting an additional chapter including two beautiful maps that take things to a whole new level. Superbright’s also introducing new gameplay mechanics, dynamic environments, a new soundtrack, major graphical enhancements, and more.

The game itself is also moving to a new format of quarterly seasons with leaderboard resets between them. Top players will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame, and everyone will gain experience and ranks that accumulate over seasons—unlocking rewards like medals and weapon skins as they progress.

“Seasons let us re-engage existing players and make changes that keep things fresh without alienating the hardcore achievers,” says Superbright CEO Wojtek Podgorski. “Seasons also allow everyone (especially newcomers) a realistic shot at the top in multiple leaderboards every season instead of seeing exorbitant historic scores.”

It’s time to put your archery skills to the test. Check out In Death: Unchained on the Quest Platform today.