‘IN PROTEST’ Volume 3 Brings the Social Activism of Los Angeles to Life on Oculus TV

Oculus Blog
December 18, 2020

IN PROTEST: Grassroots Stories from the Front Lines is a 360° VR film docu-series chronicling heroic Black voices in America confronting inequality and injustice. Virtual reality's immersive capabilities give greater access to the Black Lives Matter movement, both for those unable to physically participate and for those that want to learn more from activists on the ground. Previously, developer GRX Immersive Labs released two volumes, focused on Minneapolis and St. Paul and Washington, DC, respectively. Now, the third volume in this four-part series, IN PROTEST: Los Angeles, is now available for free with Oculus TV on the Oculus Quest Platform.

IN PROTEST: Los Angeles explores individual social power to influence the actions, beliefs, or conduct of others. In Episode 1, you’ll hear from three generations of Black women as they reflect on 50 years of protests in Los Angeles, including the Watts Riots (1965), the Los Angeles Uprising (1992), and the Black Lives Matters movement (2020).

Episode 2 follows the Compton Cowboys as they reframe some of the ways of the Old West and help eradicate negative stigmas, using horseback riding to connect with their community. Their motto, “The streets raised us, the horses saved us,” reflects how they’ve provided an enriching alternative to the danger of the streets.

Finally, Episode 3 connects you with two previously incarcerated artists, Akil West and King Jaybo, who have turned their lives around and now organize and provide mentorship in their community.

Each volume of IN PROTEST chronicles a different American city, profiling modern activists as they move beyond street protests to confront inequality and injustice in everyday life. These gripping, first-person stories speak to the urgency of the current uprising to inspire a new generation of defiance. Check out Volume 3 today on Oculus TV, and stay tuned for the fourth and final volume.