‘IN PROTEST’ Volume 4 Brings the VR Film Docu-Series to a Close in Atlanta with Killer Mike, Ayanna Gregory, and James Tiago Bertrand

Oculus Blog
January 19, 2021

A 360° VR film docu-series, IN PROTEST: Grassroots Stories from the Front Lines chronicles heroic Black voices in America as they confront inequality and injustice. Developer GRX Immersive Labs leverages the power of VR to give greater access to the Black Lives Matter movement, both for those unable to physically participate and for those that want to learn more from activists on the ground. Each entry in the four-part series focuses on a different metropolitan area. The first three volumes highlighted Minneapolis and St. Paul; Washington, DC; and Los Angeles. Launched on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the fourth and final volume centers on Atlanta, Dr. King’s birthplace, and it’s available for free with Oculus TV on the Oculus Quest Platform.

In Episode 1, rapper Killer Mike, half of Run the Jewels and the “Unofficial Official Mayor” of Atlanta, details his approach of “killing your masters,” a plan to empower Black people politically and financially by removing dependencies on a system that has consistently failed the community. Not simply satisfied with taking it to the streets, Mike is taking it to Wall Street through Greenwood, a Black-owned banking system that drives the recirculation of Black wealth.

In Episode 2, immersive filmmaker, James Tiago Bertrand put himself in harm’s way to share his unique perspective from the frontlines of protests in Atlanta. Although this was his first protest, Tiago delivers the real story, allowing us to see these protests for ourselves and develop our own perspective.

Episode 3 highlights performing artist and activist Ayanna Gregory, daughter of the legendary civil rights activist Dick Gregory. Ayanna’s contributions to the movement pay homage to her father’s life’s work as she continues to seek equality, justice, and personal well-being for all. Healing through song, mediation, and libation, she bridges the spiritual gap between the new generation of protestors and the centuries of rebellion that have defined Black history in America.

Each volume of IN PROTEST chronicles a different American city, profiling modern activists as they move beyond street protests to confront inequality and injustice in everyday life. These gripping, first-person stories speak to the urgency of the current uprising to inspire a new generation of defiance. Check out Volume 4 today on Oculus TV.