Interstellar Engineering: Bithell Games’s ‘Arcsmith’ Launches on the Quest Platform on July 29

Oculus Blog
June 30, 2021

The first week at a new job is always stressful. Doubly so when your remote space station suddenly becomes the focal point of an intergalactic power struggle—and you’re in charge of building a new antimatter generator.

Get ready to learn on the job in Arcsmith. Coming to the Quest Platform on July 29, Arcsmith is the latest from Bithell Games (of Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular). Check out the debut trailer below:

When war threatens, you’re tapped as an ad hoc apprentice to master arcsmith Korith Dinn. Balance heat, power, and more as you construct dozens of ever-more-complex interstellar machines, including space drones and the aforementioned antimatter generator. A library of modular parts and simple diagnostic tools are yours to play with in this freeform puzzle game.

A gripping sci-fi story unfolds in the background as you work. Discover why Korith Dinn retired to this quiet corner of the galaxy, and help your reluctant mentor make peace with his past. The radio also pipes in intergalactic tunes and important news reports—once you fix it, of course.

Start studying your interstellar electronics now, because Arcsmith releases July 29 on the Quest Platform for $24.99 USD. The workshop awaits!