Interstellar Shooter: ‘From Other Suns’ Beta Weekend Now Open

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Posted by Oculus VR
September 29, 2017

Are you ready to get hands-on with the game Tom’s Guide compared to “a playable Firefly episode”? Clear your calendar, because From Other Suns’ free beta weekend starts now!

This is the fourth title from Gunfire Games to hit the Oculus Platform. Building on three years of VR experience and the success of Game Informer’s 2016 VR Game of the Year, Chronos, From Other Suns delivers co-op and single-player action in a space adventure that might best be described as FTL meets Borderlands.

Ship management, full locomotion, and high-stakes action combine for a compelling immersive experience—while deadly robots, cutthroat pirates, and bloodthirsty aliens add to the fun. Additionally, core gameplay elements are procedurally generated, ensuring hours of replayability and constant surprises every time you play.

“Randomization is a key element in From Other Suns,” explains Gunfire Games Design Director John Pearl. “It affects the weapons, the encounters, the characters, and the level design. This helps to keep the game fresh and interesting for players the first time or the hundredth time they play. It also means that jumping into a friend’s game will yield a unique experience each time—it’s never the same experience twice.”

Dive into the beta weekend with up to two friends now through October 1 at 11:59pm PT, and join the Discord channel to chat with the devs, give feedback, and connect with other players.

We’ll see you on the other side.

— The Oculus Team