Introducing Feral Rites and The Unspoken From Insomniac Games – Coming Soon to Oculus

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Posted by Oculus VR
April 18, 2016

Insomniac Games has been making some of the most incredible action titles in the world for over 20 years. We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce Feral Rites and The Unspoken, two new experiences from Insomniac and Oculus Studios.


Feral Rites and The Unspoken join Edge of Nowhere for a total of three new original games from Insomniac for the Oculus platform.

Edge of Nowhere, a Lovecraftian horror experience set in Antarctica, launches June 6. Feral Rites and The Unspoken are due later this year.

The Brutal Action of Feral Rites

Feral Rites is an adventure-brawler with a savage combo-based combat system, set on a mystical island. You’ll play as a hero set on revenge, fighting your way through harrowing missions and quests as you acquire new abilities, including the power to transform into a feral beast!


In VR, this world offers a perspective you’ve not experience anywhere else. Stalk your enemies beneath a jungle canopy that stretches in every direction. Master your ability to deal destruction from all angles. Dodge falling chunks of lava as volcanoes erupt all around you.

You can get a peek at the game here:

Master the Arcane in The Unspoken
The Unspoken is an Oculus Touch action game that pulls players into a world of secret societies and dueling magicians.


This player vs. player experience pits you against other spellcasting friends and strangers in 1-on-1 duels. Enter underground arcane fight clubs and use swift, precise motions with Touch controllers to manipulate the environment around you. Conjure magic shields and hurl fireballs across urban arenas filled with destructible objects. The Unspoken binds the visceral action of a fighting game with the dynamic battlefield of an arena shooter.

Here’s a closer look at The Unspoken:

Edge of Nowhere, The Unspoken, and Feral Rights all launch on Rift later this year. Stay tuned for more details!

– The Oculus Team