Introducing ‘Making the Monster,’ a New Documentary that Shows Oculus Medium’s Role in the VFX Industry’s Production Pipeline

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Posted by Oculus VR
May 10, 2018

Last month at Monsterpalooza, Oculus Medium wowed attendees with live VR sculpting performances and a series of 3D prints to bring some of our favorite creatures into the real world. The event’s highlight was an impressive collaborative showpiece featuring concept art by Carlos Huante; modeling by our very own Gio Nakpil; 3D printing, molding, and casting by Christopher Dombos of Arcane Visionaries; and detailed painting by Tim Gore. Today, we’re excited to unveil Making the Monster, a behind-the-scenes documentary that details how this team of four VFX legends incorporated Oculus Medium into their workflow to bring a shared creative vision to life.

From concept through execution, the nearly two-foot-high piece represents several months of artistic work and successfully replicates how creative teams approach look development for film–while seamlessly integrating VR into an established professional pipeline.

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— The Oculus Team

Full Documentary Transcript:

Gio Nakpil: From head to toe, just a network or a series of strong shapes that create this complex character—when you look at that, it’s design, you know?

Chris Dombos: This is what’s actually cool. So, it’s actually a 3D-printed figure that Carlos Huante designed, Gio [Nakpil] sculpted, and Arcane Visionaries 3D printed.

Carlos Huante: And I’ve seen 3D prints from Medium. There’s something else going on. It’s something new and I loved it.

GN: I pitched that, for the next Monsterpalooza, we should do a creature based on Carlos’s design.

CH: I’ve known Gio for many years—one of the few modelers on Earth that I trust.

GN: I really wanted to pull off the very signature Carlos forms that you see in his work, which are essentially some of the toughest to do in sculpture.

CH: It’s part of a bunch of others that I had done that were really out there. So, it’s a funky one, you know?

GN: And I found that Medium is actually the perfect medium for achieving his style of design in CG. Where my hands are to where the surface is, is very immediate. You know, the mark that I do is on the surface, just like clay. In the end, we’ll have this piece that, you know, stems from Carlos’s design, my model, Chris [Dombos]’s engineering to print, and Tim [Gore]’s masterful paint.

CH: That’s what I told Gio. I go, “That’s why I’m interested.” I go, “Let’s do this. I would love to see how this thing looks printed.”

Naomi Cornman: Hey, everyone. We’re here in Pasadena, California. Monsterpalooza’s just about to start, and we’ve got this epic booth with crazy 3D prints all made in Medium.

GN: So, we’re finally here at Monsterpalooza, and the piece arrived—and it’s just beautiful. You know, it’s the combination of work of many.

Tim Gore: Carlos has a distinct style with all his colors and his lighter flesh in the belly, which is typical with insects, and it’s got a little buggy crab thing going on, but it was an honor to work with Oculus and with Carlos.

GN: It makes all the time and effort spent on it, just, you know, worthwhile—being here and seeing the people who are fans of monsters and anything creature-related appreciate it.

CH: Just to see this particular design produced, you know, it’s a lot of fun.