Introducing Oculus Media Studio and the New and Improved Oculus TV, Your One-Stop Shops for Content Consumption and Distribution on Oculus Quest and Oculus Go

Oculus Blog
September 25, 2019

VR is a great way to explore your favorite content and discover hidden gems—from the latest blockbuster movies to small, indie 360° projects and everything in between. And with more and more content coming to the Oculus Store every day, it can be hard to find exactly what to watch. That’s why we’re announcing the new and improved Oculus TV—a central hub where you can discover and watch media on both Oculus Quest and Oculus Go—and Oculus Media Studio—a new set of tools that make it simple for creators to upload, publish, and analyze their immersive content.

Oculus TV gives creators a unique platform to help people find and enjoy the experiences they’ve made. And to make it even easier, we’re also introducing Media Studio—a new kind of media management system that lets you upload and publish your immersive content directly to VR.

Oculus TV: The Ultimate Living Room

Inside Oculus TV, you’ll find content of all kinds to enjoy, from your favorite media apps like Amazon Prime VR, or Fandango’s streaming service, FandangoNOW—which is launching today for Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. You can also check out unique immersive experiences like Emmy-nominated documentary Traveling While Black.

Just like your living room is the perfect place to spend time with friends, family, and your favorite entertainment, Oculus TV is a digital space where you can hang out in small groups, kick back, and watch your favorite content on a 180-inch screen. You can even enjoy your own personal photos and videos, plus popular 360° videos from top creators.

Oculus Media Studio: Empowering Creators

We’re committed to connecting immersive creators with the VR community and helping them distribute their content. Media Studio makes that easier than ever by letting creators upload and publish content directly to VR, distribute it outside of VR, manage their immersive asset libraries, and get analytics to see how their content performs. By providing an all-in-one solution, we’re reducing the friction of distributing immersive content, which helps creators and the community alike by getting new experiences into the ecosystem in a more efficient way.

We’re already hearing that these tools change the game for our early partners like Baobab. Their team was able to upload and preview their latest film, then distribute it both inside and outside VR, entirely using the tools in Media Studio. Visit the Oculus Creators Blog to learn more.

Media Matters

We know that people love watching content in VR, both on their own and together with the people who matter most. We’re excited to help make it easier than ever before to find that content and share it with friends. Media Studio is now available, with Oculus TV launching on Oculus Go and Quest later this Fall. We can’t wait to hear what you think.