Introducing Rooms 1.2 and Oculus Events for Gear VR—Plus a Look at Facebook Livestreaming and Oculus Voice

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Posted by Oculus VR
March 10, 2017

The transportive magic of VR is even better when it’s experienced with other people. Late last year, we launched Oculus Rooms and Parties to let you hang out with friends in VR. Now, we’re adding a new dimension to social VR with exciting updates to the Rooms experience for Gear VR, plus the launch of Oculus Events.

Watch 360 Videos and More with Friends in Oculus Rooms 1.2
Today, we’re unveiling some awesome updates to Oculus Rooms. Now there’s even more new content you can watch for free in Rooms, like music videos from Vimeo. And in addition to the expanded video selection, you can watch 360 videos in Rooms for the first time! Just launch a 360 video like Invasion! from Baobab Studios and enjoy collective immersion in our new viewing dome while friends in other areas of the Room can get a glimpse of the fun.

To make finding great videos even easier, we’ve added voice search to Rooms. Just select “Search” in the TV area and tap the mic button, then speak to search for any Facebook content you want to watch with friends, from cartoons to cat videos.

We’ll add more features to Rooms as we continue to explore what’s possible on the platform.

Connect Across the Mobile VR Ecosystem with Oculus Events
We’re also announcing Oculus Events, which makes it easier to find friends and jump into an experience together in VR. Oculus Events starts rolling out to English speakers today.

This new feature lets you find public events and interact with others in Gear VR. You’ll find highlighted events showcased in Oculus Home, and you can check out a full roster of Oculus Events in the dedicated Events tab. From there, you can set reminders for future events by marking that you’re interested or even jump into one that’s live at that moment.

Oculus Events runs the gamut from multiplayer games and tournaments to tech talks and trivia. This adds an entirely new level to social interaction in VR while also surfacing public events in a powerful way. To get started, check out tonight’s Super Turbo Poker Tournament from Casino VR Poker—a hyper-competitive game night with blinds increasing every five minutes. Ante up and test your poker skills against players from around the world.

Share Your VR Experiences with Livestreaming to Facebook
We want to make it easy to share memorable virtual moments with your friends and family on Facebook. Today, we’re beginning to roll out Facebook Livestreaming—direct from Gear VR.

Whether you want to share the suspense of Face Your Fears or show off your sorcery skills in Wands, you can take your friends along for the ride. Just select the “Livestream to Facebook” button from the Universal Menu when you’re in VR, and you’ll instantly start livestreaming to your friends on Facebook.

This is currently available to people with a Gear outside the US, and coming soon to everyone with the latest version of Android on their Samsung phone in the coming weeks.

Easily Navigate VR with Oculus Voice Speech Recognition
We’re also excited to announce that Oculus Voice is rolling out to English speakers on both Rift and Gear VR today. This feature lets you perform voice searches from Oculus Home to intuitively navigate games, apps, and experiences.

Over time, we’ll add even more functionality like seeing if a friend is online or contextual commands to invite people to a play a game with you.

This is just the beginning. We can’t wait to bring the future of social VR to the Oculus Platform.

— The Oculus Team