Introducing the Ability to Post to Select Facebook Groups with Your Oculus Username

Oculus Blog
May 18, 2020

We’re always working to help people to build their VR communities, so starting this week, we’re testing the ability for people to share to Facebook Groups under their Oculus username. This will let people connect with other Oculus users on Facebook to swap stories and share their VR exploits.

These groups are only visible and available for people who have logged in with Facebook on Oculus. So while people can post to the groups under their Oculus usernames with only their Oculus usernames displayed, all interactions are tied to their Facebook accounts.

To check the early groups we’re testing this with, you can click on “Groups” in the “Social” section of the Oculus app, where you can see groups available to join. We’re excited to test this new way of connecting and bring together VR communities on Facebook—you can share your feedback on the Oculus UserVoice channel.