Introducing the Oculus Quest Launch Lineup, Plus Gaming News for Rift S

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May 21, 2019

Oculus Quest and Rift S are available now, which raises an interesting question: What are you gonna play first? You’ve probably got a few games in mind, and we’re here to help add some more titles to your to-do list.

Quest for Content

With 50+ games and experiences that let you move freely through virtual worlds, there’s plenty to explore on Quest. Unleash the power of your creativity with Tilt Brush, and immerse yourself in viral videos on YouTube. Slash to the rhythm in Beat Saber, battle rogue robots in Robo Recall: Unplugged, and come face to face with the dark side in Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series.

Check out our #QuestCountdown blog series for more can’t-miss games, including our single-player picks, action-adventure alongside an MMORPG, these arcade action games, our hard-hitting F8 highlights, this social VR spotlight; and some demo-worthy titles that are perfect for a VR party night.

You can also hit the club with Dance Central, or check out a dedicated livestream from Harmonix at 2:00 pm PT today on Twitch and Facebook.

There’s a lot more in store, including the new titles that our brave, digestively-challenged Chris Pruett teased in the final #QuestCountdown blog post (he’s fine now, by the way). And speaking of new titles...

Stealth Reborn: Announcing Phantom: Covert Ops

You haven’t experienced the stealth genre until you’ve played it in VR. The sneaking, suspense, and adrenaline-fueled action are all intensified by the sense that you’re actually there. Just as immersive media have revitalized horror games, stealth is experiencing a renaissance all its own. We’re excited to announce Phantom: Covert Ops, a new military simulation stealth game from nDreams—and it’s making its way to both Quest and the Rift Platform … with kayaks!

You might recognize nDreams as the studio that previously brought over-the-top produce pummeler Shooty Fruity and morally ambiguous adventure The Assembly to the world. They’ve been winning over PC VR gamers with their fast-paced tongue-in-cheek humor for a few years now, and their latest game is sure to go off with a bang.

Phantom: Covert Ops is an upcoming stealth action VR game that drops you in the role of an elite special forces operative with one night to prevent a rogue militia from launching a global attack,” says nDreams Game Director Lewis Brundish. “The game takes place in and around a flooded and abandoned Cold War naval facility, and you explore the waterlogged environment in a military kayak. We’re developing Phantom specifically for the Oculus Quest and Rift platforms, so you can totally immerse yourself in the virtual world and interact with the game using fully featured motion controls.”

Click here for a first-person perspective on Phantom’s gameplay, and duck dive into our exclusive Q&A with Brundish.

Meet Medium 2.3

Last week, we announced the new Oculus Medium 2.3 update. And today, we’re happy to share that it’s now live on the Rift Platform!

Whether you’re an ambitious amateur or a professional artist, we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Last, But Not Least...

We’ve been posting some teasers from Twisted Pixel’s latest and greatest, and we’ll have more to share soon. Join the Discord to stay in the know on all things Defector.

Get in the Game

We can’t wait to share even more with the VR community. Stay tuned to the blog or follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates. And if you haven’t already, grab your own Quest or Rift S today.

— The Oculus Team