January Platform Updates: Public Homes Now Open to All, Plus New Items for Home

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Posted by Oculus VR
January 25, 2019

In our last platform update, we introduced Public Homes in Rift. This new feature rolled out through the Rift Public Test Channel, and since then, users have been tidying up and getting their places ready for visitors. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Public Homes are now open to all users. We're also sharing updates from across the Rift platform, including a new series of decorative items.

Public Homes: Now Open!
Today, all Rift users can swing open their virtual doors to welcome visitors in Oculus Home. Already a central place to meet up with friends, Home now offers a new way to meet new people from across the broader Rift community. It’s also your chance to showcase achievements, trophies, and custom developer items you've earned—and peep other items you might want to add to your own shelf later.

The launch of Public Homes Beta offered a glimpse of the Rift community's design flair. We've seen modern residences filled with chic decorations, to wonderfully bizarre clubhouses full of custom statues and trinkets.

You'll find a few examples below from the Rift community*

From (L-R): kadoh's Home, yoliyoli's Home, Fahrenuf's Home, and Wormslayer's Home

You can start exploring by accessing “Places” in the Home menu. Here, you’ll see a continuously updated list of Public Homes ready for visitors. Simply jump into any home you find interesting and go from there; you’re free to visit any open home whenever you like.

When you’re ready to open your own Home, visit the “Places” tab in the Home menu and set your home to “Public.” As host, you have full control over the guest list: you can accept or decline any request to see your place, and you can disable the “Public” option at any time. You can also report abusive behavior, mute visitors, and more, from inside Rift.

Medium Snowman Sculpting Contest Winners
Oculus and Medium recently hosted a Snowman sculpting contest to inspire holiday cheer. To participate, Rift users were asked to download a base snowman model and get to work. We offered two categories: one for beginners and one for advanced sculptors.

Winners received their winning Snowman sculptures as custom 3D-printed objects. What’s more, they got to share their victories with the Rift community in Home! To check out winning sculptures and add them to your space, find them under “My Imports” until 11:59 PT on January 31.

Check out the winners here!

New Bohemian Collection
Lastly, we’ve got a fresh batch of decorative items for Oculus Home. The new Boho Furniture Collection is a set of 24 pieces to transform Home into an eccentric paradise. Adorn your walls with wall hangings, curl up in a cozy Rattan Chair, or build your own creative storage with some Pallet Boxes!

Stay tuned for additional updates, feature enhancements, and more. And don’t forget to send us your thoughts and feedback through UserVoice as we work to build new features across the Oculus Platform!

*Homes shared with permission from community members kadoh, yoliyol, Fahrenuf, and Wormslayer.

— The Oculus Team