Join Oculus Product Experts for Quest Demos: Social in VR, May 14 @ 12:00 pm PT

Oculus Blog
May 12, 2021

So far in the Quest Demos series, we’ve covered unboxing your new Oculus Quest 2 and how to put it to work as a VR fitness tool. Today, we’re excited to announce the third installment in the series—Quest Demos: Social in VR, taking place on May 14 at 12:00 pm PT.

Together with our product experts, you’ll discover the benefits of Social VR apps and games. We’ll go over the basics of casting and streaming to share your VR exploits with friends and family, plus how to set up a party. You’ll learn about the different types of multiplayer games currently available on the Quest Platform, including community apps, team-based games, co-op games, rail-based games, sports games, and more. We’ll also cover how you can host events in VR, the ways Social VR can help with work and productivity, and more.

Tune in May 14 at 12:00 pm PT to have your Social VR questions answered by our product experts during a live Q&A session and learn what’s next in the Quest Demos series. Register now, and mark your calendar for the next episode on May 24 where we’ll cover Unboxing again.