July Platform Updates: Oculus Venues Coming to Oculus Quest, Plus New Features for the Rift Platform

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Posted by Oculus VR
July 23, 2019

UPDATE (July 25, 2019): We’re rolling out an update that includes an expected fix for the static flashing behavior on Rift S. Visit the Oculus Forums to learn more.

It’s been two months since Oculus Quest and Rift S launched, and we’re excited to continue rolling out new features and updates across both platforms. From tracking improvements to new social features, there’s a lot to share—so let’s dive right in.

Introducing Oculus Venues on Oculus Quest

First off, we’re excited to announce Oculus Venues will launch tomorrow, July 24, on Quest!

Previously available on Oculus Go and Gear VR, Oculus Venues is your all-in-one ticket to live social experiences in VR. Hang out with your friends or connect with thousands of fans as you take in all the lights, sounds, and energy of larger-than-life events from the best seat in the house. And on Quest, you’ve got full hand presence and 6DOF tracking, so you can dance to your favorite songs, cheer for your home team, and interact with the crowd like never before.

The summer season of Oculus Venues content kicks off July 24 with Liverpool Football Club vs Sporting Clube de Portugal at Yankee Stadium, followed by Tenacious D performing their animated and over-the-top rock opera Post-Apocalyptolive at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 31.

This is just the beginning of our most exciting Venues lineup yet. Stay tuned for more updates!

Guardian Gets an Upgrade on Oculus Quest

With no external sensors, no wires, and no need for a PC, it’s easy to get started on Quest, and we designed our Guardian system to be as simple as possible—just put on the headset, follow the prompts, and draw your play area to help keep you safe in VR. Today, we’re beginning to roll out changes to make Guardian even more accurate and flexible to better fit your needs.

With this update, Guardian is now better at automatically recognizing multiple playspaces in different rooms, making it easy to go from family game night in the living room to a more intense multiplayer session in your dream VR space. We’ve also added support for multiple Guardian setups in the same room, so you can designate multiple play areas in an oversized room or just make the most of an open floor plan.

Need to reset your floor height? Playspace boundaries too sensitive? Now you can make these changes without resetting from scratch—instead, just make adjustments right from your Guardian settings page.

Touch Ups: Controller Tracking Improvements on Rift S and Oculus Quest

We’ve fine-tuned our Oculus Touch controller tracking algorithms to improve accuracy for certain poses, like when your hands are close to the headset or angled away from it. That means you should see smoother tracking and fewer errors on both Quest and Rift S, whether you’re throwing punches in BOXVR or tossing a ball underhand in Sports Scramble.

You Asked, Rift S Responds

One of the most prominent requests we’ve seen since launching Rift S is the ability to turn on our true stereo-correct passthrough feature, Passthrough+, indefinitely. We’re excited to share that you can now do just that, thanks to a new setting right in Dash.

We’re also aware that some Rift S owners may have experienced intermittent display issues, like black screens, static, and flashes. We’ve been working hard to address them with each software release since launch, and we’re close to resolving the occasional screen flashes that have been reported. Look for an update later this week, and thanks in advance for your patience.

New Home Highlights Across the Rift Platform

As we look ahead to new social features rolling out next month and beyond, we wanted to make it easier to hang out with friends on the Rift Platform today. In May, we launched Gateways—an easy way to create a link between differently themed spaces within your own Home to expand your personal space, or to connect your Home to other public Homes. And with today’s update, we’re taking Gateways to the next level.

Starting now, Gateways let you link directly to your favorite games, experiences, and even friend’s homes to make jumping in easier than ever before. All of your Gateways are listed in the Special Items section of your inventory, and we’ve added a new menu section where you’ll see all of the places you’ve visited in the last 30 days so you can easily make your way back.

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

We also added a camera so you can take screenshots of your Home to show off your space with ease, or flip the screen around to take solo or group Avatar shots—no selfie stick required.

More to Come

For a full list of new features and updates across the Oculus Platform, check out our latest release notes. And let us know what you think on the official Oculus UserVoice channel.

We’ll see you next month for another batch of platform updates!

— The Oculus Team