Karaoke Gets Cosmic in ‘SingSpace’—Now Available on Gear VR

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Posted by Oculus VR
April 13, 2017

Ready for a karaoke experience that’s out of this world? Step up to the mic with SingSpace—launching today on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus.

Designed exclusively for VR by Harmonix, SingSpace reimagines karaoke by amplifying its two best features: the thrill of performance and fun with friends. A quirky and colorful art style and futuristic outer space theme set it apart from its predecessors—a genre-defining move we’ve come to expect from the studio behind Karaoke Revolution and the Rock Band franchise.

There’s no need for a separate microphone—just put on your Gear VR headset and you’re ready to sing your heart out. If you grab the new Gear VR Controller, you can use it like a mic to add flair to your performance—think of it like the VR equivalent of singing into your hairbrush, only cooler.

Check out all the tracks you get with the game for $4.99:

To keep the party going, you can also purchase a monthly subscription to access an expanding library of karaoke staples and modern hits.

“Some people are great singers, but the rest of us have a place in karaoke, too, with our silly songs, going off-script, or just trying really hard,” says Harmonix Product Manager Jessa Brezinski. “We decided not to worry about whether you’re singing pitch-accurate and give you animations so you can really make the performance your own. A karaoke performance doesn’t have to be Grammy-worthy to be great.”

Whether you want to dive in with friends or warm up your vocal cords solo, SingSpace takes you beyond your living room for a satisfying karaoke experience. Look out at the crowd and see their reactions—conveniently delivered in emoji form—or strike up a conversation with someone at the next table.

“In real karaoke, you perform live for people and they respond—cheering, singing along,” Brezinski explains. “That social connection is part of the reason you karaoke rather than just sing alone in the shower. We focused on making the game a great social experience. You’re hanging out with real people—from your couch!”

Before taking the stage, you get to customize your avatar. Choose from a variety of hairstyles, clothing options, facial features, and more to get your look just right.

Of course, it’s your song selection and on-stage swagger that make things really interesting. We can’t wait for everyone to strut their stuff and electrify the audience.

See you at the karaoke bar.

— The Oculus Team