Keep Groovin’: 46 New Maps Coming Soon to ‘Beat Saber’ in Free Update

Oculus Blog
May 18, 2020

Since launch, Beat Saber has grown through poppin’ fresh content from an ever-expanding lineup of musicians and artists. The player community itself has seen explosive growth, and Beat Games is continually looking for ways to build upon the core experience for all players. Listening to community feedback is an instrumental part of that, and we’re thrilled to announce an upcoming update that will add 360° and One Saber beatmaps to a selection of fan-favorite tracks. Better still, the update will be available to download next week for free.

One of the highlights of the Beat Saber experience is mastering all-time favorite tracks with demanding modifiers—Faster Song, Ghost Notes, and so on. Another is jumping into 360° maps and playing in One Saber mode. The upcoming update introduces 46 new beatmaps—including new 360° maps and new One Saber maps—all plucked from some of Beat Saber’s most popular tracks, giving players new ways to experience the music they love.

Here’s a look the lineup:

New 360° Maps*

Expert +
Rattlesnake, Rogue
Reason For Living, Morgan Page
PopStars, K/DA
Rum ’N Bass, Boom Kitty

Escape, Jaroslav Beck
Fire, Ready, Aim, Green Day
Digital, Imagine Dragons

Has a Meaning, Timbaland
The Greatest Show, Panic! At The Disco
Luv U Need U, Slushii

New One Saber Maps

Expert +, Expert, Normal
Unlimited Power, Jaroslav Beck, Frank Bentley [No Expert]
This Time, Kayzo
Believer, Imagine Dragons
High Hopes, Panic! At The Disco
PLAY, Tokyo Machine
American Idiot, Green Day
While We’re Young, Timbaland
Origins, Jaroslav Beck/Jan Ilavsky
Reason For Living, Morgan Page

Beat Saber continues to dominate the VR gaming charts and has gone Double-Platinum, selling over 2 million copies worldwide across all VR platforms. In addition to breaking records within the VR community, the game has also proven to be a successful platform for artists to connect with fans—selling over 10 million songs through downloadable content.

Stay tuned! If you’d like to brush up on your saber skills or jump in for the first time, check out Beat Saber on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform today.

*All 360° maps include 90° variants.