Level Up Your Game With VR Sports Training

Oculus Blog
September 15, 2021

Practice. Practice. And more practice. That’s the key to becoming a great athlete in any sport. At times, that’s easier said than done. Weather, team schedules, facility availability, and even physical injuries can make training difficult, if not impossible.

Unless, of course, you’ve got a VR headset.

VR sports training empowers players, athletes, and exercise aficionados to practice anytime, anywhere. While we’re not trading in courts, fields, gyms, and ice rinks for good, VR provides a compelling sports training experience by enhancing live-action play and practice. Since your movements are tracked, VR sports training gives you the ability to analyze your movements and put them on repeat— until you’ve perfected your technique.

Across the sports spectrum, there are VR sports training games to help you improve your skills while having fun. Here’s a look at some of the titles designed to level up your game in baseball, football, and martial arts.

REAKT Performance Trainer

REAKT Performance Trainer is the first virtual mental skills training system that will make you a better competitor. Based on technology originally developed for athletes, REAKT will make your brain perform faster with intense training and competition modes.

Step inside a virtual athletic training gym and push your mind and body to the limit. Boost your reaction time, decision making, and hand-eye coordination. Get real-time feedback to map your progress and hone your skills. Compete against other athletes and get your name on the leaderboard with the highest REAKT score. And earn badges and trophies with new weekly challenges designed to push your training even further!

Player 22 by Rezzil

Rezzil Player 22 is an ever-growing collection of athlete-designed training games and exercises that will improve your fitness and reaction times across a wide range of sports. Want the reaction times of an F1 driver? The fitness level of a pro athlete? Step into Rezzil Player 22 and train in drills developed with the world's best sports professionals.

Rezzil is the world’s most advanced gym, in your living room. Improve your soccer heading technique without ball impact in over 60 training led levels that can be used in the real world. Push your fitness level with the basketball rhythm game, an intense workout that will also improve your vision on the court. Improve your reaction times in any sport with the Reaction Wall. Hit the lights as quickly as you can and see how you stack up on the world leaderboards. And when the training’s done, head over to the Rezzil Spaceport and take on the bots in a fast-paced racket game full of mayhem and explosions.

VR Baseball Training

Rain delay? Not anymore. VR hits a home run when it comes to baseball training.

With VR Baseball, all you have to do is put on your Rift headset (or Oculus Quest with Oculus Link or Air Link), choose your bat, and step up to the plate to crush the pitch into left field. Choose the level of difficulty to increase your skills with each swing.

Need to boost more than just your batting average? Totally Baseball gives you a 360° VR baseball training experience. From pitching to swinging and catching, this is the only VR baseball training game that lets you practice all facets of the game. If the batter hits your pitch, you’ll transform into an outfielder hustling to catch the ball. Just want to focus on one skill? Turn on the practice and tutorial modes to work on a specific area.


Ready! Set! Hut! Get ready for a football experience unlike any other with Oculus.

Draw your own offensive plays and practice throwing like a quarterback when you step into one of the immersive stadiums in 2MD: VR Football Unleashed. By using a VR football game to train, players experience the onrush of opponents and practice rapid decision-making skills—all without the risk of tackle injuries.

VR Martial Arts

Controlling your breath, perfecting your posture, twisting your hips, and throwing a punch are all fundamental skills of martial arts. With Oculus, you can use VR to improve your martial art skills.

Train to become a Kung Fu Master (if only in your own mind) with Crazy Kung Fu (App Lab only). Hone your skills as you move through various levels. Throughout your journey, you’ll fight a wooden dummy, using your body to punch, block, and dodge multiple spinning arms. These exercises are designed to help build muscle memory and train you to rely on quick thinking and instinct to overcome obstacles.

With a VR martial arts game, identifying areas of improvement is a snap. Since your moves are tracked with your VR headset, you’ll get instant stats on your speed, accuracy, and strength.

Check out other VR sports training titles, including The Thrill of the Fight, Eleven Table Tennis, Sports Scramble, exVRience Golf Club, a host of kinetic sports experiences, and cardio fitness apps.