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May Platform Updates: Stay in the Know with Oculus Events
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
May 15, 2018

Between the Oculus Store, email notifications, blogs, new apps, and social feeds, it can be tricky to keep track of everything happening across the Oculus Platform. Last year, we introduced mobile Events to help you keep tabs on social and time-sensitive in-app activations like tournaments, meet-ups, and free weekends. And starting now, Events are also available on Rift!

Whether you want to catch a movie screening, check out a limited free weekend, or raid a new map, Oculus Events are the easiest way to browse and discover what’s happening and be reminded of the best times to jump into VR. You can also see which Events your friends are interested in, so you can all share the fun.

Getting started is easy:

  • Rift: From the latest version of the Oculus desktop app, scroll down to the “Events” section and select all to view all upcoming events. Click the star next to individual events to subscribe, and you’ll receive a desktop notification when it’s time to join or, if you’re already in VR, an in-headset notification.
  • Oculus Go and Gear VR: In the Oculus mobile app, select the “Events” tab from the bottom to view all upcoming events. Click the “Interested” button to receive a push notification when it’s time to join. Similar to Rift, if you’re already in VR, the notification will also appear in your headset.

Developers interested in hosting Events can do so right from the Developer Dashboard, which lets you customize and schedule your Event listing, plus add deep links to drive people right to the Event, lobby, or a specific location in-game. In addition to the Events sections of the Oculus desktop and mobile apps, Events can also be surfaced through Explore, the recommendations section in Oculus Home, on mobile. Learn more on the Developer Center.

Build Your VR Calendar

Events take place daily, with more being added all the time. With the launch of Oculus Go and new people jumping into VR, it’s also the perfect time to try your hand at a cross-platform title. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s coming this week:

May 15

May 16

May 17

May 18

Be sure to check the Oculus app on mobile or desktop for the latest info. Eleven: Table Tennis VR (Rift), Drop Dead (Oculus Go + Gear VR), and many other titles are lining up events through the end of the month. Sign up and stay tuned to join the action!

— The Oculus Team