Charge into History in ‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond,’ Out Now on Quest 2

Oculus Blog
November 15, 2021

Charge into history with iconic World War II battles and an arsenal of period-accurate weapons in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, out now on Quest 2 for $39.99 USD—and it’s cross-buy with the Rift version! Respawn Entertainment put in the effort to get their ambitious VR shooter onto the standalone Quest 2, and the results are thrilling. Click here to watch the full launch trailer on YouTube (viewer discretion advised) and check out the quick teaser excerpt down below:

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is packed full of content. Whether you’re aiming to dismantle the Nazi regime across a sprawling 10+ hour campaign, take the fight online in intense multiplayer shoot-outs across 12 maps and five game modes, face off against waves of relentless enemies in Survival mode, or bear witness to emotionally powerful interviews and stories like the Academy Award™-winning documentary short Colette in the Gallery, there is truly something for everyone here.

Hear bullets as they fly by, duck behind cover to avoid enemy fire, and dive out of burning airplanes. Snatch grenades from the air and toss them back, physically move to peek around corners, and reload your weapons while dodging fire. You’re not watching history—you’re experiencing it, like never before.

For more details on what it took to launch Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on Quest 2, we spoke with Game Director Peter Hirschmann.

It's been a long road to bring Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond to Quest 2. What's it like getting to experience a VR shooter on this scale on a wireless all-in-one device?

Peter Hirschmann: Quite simply, wireless creates the ultimate experience. A game about WW2 combat puts you into some truly harrowing situations—being able to freely duck and cover makes you feel like you’re really there.

Porting such a detailed VR game to a mobile device is no small task. What was the most difficult part about paring down an originally 170GB Rift game?

PH: The Rift is an incredible platform. It allowed us to take the player all over the European Theater of Operations during WW2, delivering a massive amount of content. I don’t fully understand the magic powers the team used to bring a game as huge as Medal of Honor to Quest 2, but they somehow did it... and it’s glorious.

Between the campaign, Survival mode, multiplayer, and Gallery content, there’s a lot of stuff for players to do and see. What’s your recommended starting point for new players?

PH: Start at the beginning of the campaign! The designers did a fantastic job ramping up both Medal of Honor game mechanics and the fundamentals of playing in VR. (Example: you throw a grenade... by throwing a grenade.) We also built all the interactions with the quartermaster, Huxley, to be spaces where you can play and practice with all the weapons and gear before actually going into combat.

Without spoiling anything, what’s one of your favorite moments from the campaign to experience wirelessly on Quest 2?

PH: The final mission still makes me cry. The actors really brought it.

Do you have any multiplayer tips for new players on Quest 2? Perhaps a preferred loadout, specific game mode tips, or something else?

PH: All the modes are fun, but I especially love playing Mad Bomber because it’s so unique to Medal of Honor and VR. The best tip is learn the maps! The amazing team of Respawn multiplayer designers built each location as a unique play space. The variety is incredible—one moment you’re fighting in the streets of a beautiful French village, and the next you’re in the frozen ice caverns of Norway.

The Gallery is a really unique educational component that no other game, VR or otherwise, has ever really attempted outside of the Medal of Honor franchise. How important to Above and Beyond are the Gallery pieces?

PH: The video Gallery has been an integral part of the Medal of Honor series from its inception. Bringing it to VR on Quest 2 has allowed us to take players to places we’ve never gone before, quite literally. Through live-action 360° VR cameras, the History Happened Here portion of the Gallery puts players in the places where real history was made, from the beaches of Normandy to the V2 rocket facilities at Peenemünde.

But of course the most powerful part of the Gallery are the interviews with the people who were actually there. The stories they tell will be with you long after you take off the headset.

Finally, what was the most surprising part of porting the game over to Quest 2?

PH: Wireless VR is like living in a science fiction movie. Using what feels like technology from the future to tell stories from the past is a truly amazing experience.

For more details about Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, make sure to check out the Quest 2 version announcement blog and our Beyond the Cover journal covering the game’s development for Rift last year. Charge into history and experience the battles for yourself right now on Quest 2 for $39.99 USD.