Meta Horizon Worlds v78 Release Notes

Oculus Blog
October 5, 2022

Welcome to Meta Horizon Worlds v78!

This week, we have 14 bug fixes ranging from improvements to lighting and sound, grabbables, and the updated camera feature. We’re laser-focused on quality, and in this spirit, we’re rolling out a new bug bashing feature that will make reporting bugs easier. Let’s dive in!

Join Us for Meta Connect

Experience Connect in Worlds for the first time! Join us on October 11 for the in-VR event where you’ll hear the latest and greatest on what we’ve been up to.

Register online, and then head to the Events tab to see all the great content we have lined up for the day. Be sure to check our Guide to Connect 2022’s Can’t-Miss Sessions.

New In-VR Bug Reporting Tool

We’ve heard your feedback – it’s too hard to report bugs out of the headset, and you want to attach screenshots or videos to your bug reports. In this release, we’re rolling out a way to simply press and hold down the A, B, X, and Y buttons for five seconds and a new in-app bug reporting experience will pop up.

Thanks in advance for your help hunting down these bugs!

#POPMJam Competition Update

Due to technical difficulties (let’s be real, the platform was unstable and had too many bugs near the end of the competition), we couldn’t fairly judge the submissions. We’ve expanded the total prize pool to $267,000 (from $150,000) to award everyone who participated in the competition as a first step.

Prizes aren’t the only reason creators build for competitions—we know it’s about recognition, notoriety, and that world builder cred. We’re working on a few cool ways to highlight the submitted worlds with the entire community, so stay tuned!


We’ve updated our Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences. You can read about it here.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed overflow scrolling in Worlds panel
  • Improved rendering defects in avatars (more work in progress here)
  • Continued improvements to travel performance
  • Info panels now show the correct content in Arcade, Venues, and some of your personal spaces
  • Fixed a bug where users see a blurred image instead of a preview when joining a world


  • Fixed a bug where observers see white screen in cameras
  • Selfie camera is now working properly


  • Improved audio choppiness issues when multiple people are in a world
  • Improvements to support floats for persistence variables and achievements
  • Red errors no longer appear when creator tries to “mute for world” to any visitor in Worlds


  • Fixed an issue where player stats aren’t updating properly for achievements panel [UserVoice]
  • Fixed bugs that prevented grabbables from being grabbed under certain conditions
  • We have an update on the “get who is allowed to view object” code block returning an incorrect value when it’s used immediately after setting who can view the object [UserVoice]. Currently, code blocks don't have read-after-write observability. As a result, some code blocks do not take effect until the following frame or update. We're currently working on updating our code block documentation to better explain this functionality.
  • Lighting renders correctly upon loading into worlds
  • Sound frequencies are balanced between Edit and Visit mode and are no longer going rogue on creators

Known Issues


  • An error message will appear to both parties after one person blocks another
  • The “Find People to Follow” button is missing on the Following tab
  • The Followers and Following tabs don’t have a number next to them that accurately reflects the number of people a person is currently following
  • Haptics sometimes aren’t applied when throwing an object
  • When a homeowner updates their house rules, the updated rules take a few minutes to appear for guests
  • Level and stats are still getting reset in some worlds like Arena Clash and Purged [UserVoice]
  • Some people can’t proceed past the loading page or the blue loading screen [UserVoice]—we’re looking for more data on this, so please flag it to us on the Facebook Group if you see it
  • When using Party Travel to travel to a personal space with a visitor, the visitor may land on a blank screen—please ask the homeowner to travel to their home alone first
  • After spawning into some FPS games, some players don’t have the default weapon attached to the waist
  • Worlds with special characters in their names don’t appear in the search results correctly on the World and Create tabs


  • Unable to approve more than the 10 most recent posts to world page [UserVoice]
  • The copy tool doesn’t spawn in the duplicated object at an offset position
  • Grabbables shift position and are periodically thrown about the world [UserVoice]—note that removing colliders on key objects in your world can solve the problem for now
  • There’s additional lag when you implement Achievements in worlds
  • If a creator manually animates a group using the properties panel, other people won’t see the animation occur in the group’s actual location
  • Projectiles are broken in some worlds—object velocities drop to 0,0,0 when you pick them up, which breaks the experience in some worlds that have things like “throwing darts” [UserVoice]
  • Sound capacity changes between edit, visit, and how many people are in a world [UserVoice]
  • Sound Gizmo list populates from the bottom when using the search function
  • Unable to record any sound recorder input