Meta Horizon Worlds v80 Release Notes

Oculus Blog
October 20, 2022

Meta Horizon Worlds v80 is here!

We hope you enjoyed Meta Connect and had a chance to... **connect** 😏 with other creators in the new Meta Square! With this release, we exterminated 14 bugs (including five pulled directly from UserVoice feedback!), addressed some issues with World Leaderboard and Achievements Gizmos, level and stats tracking, as well as a bug where physics-enabled objects would go flying around in the world unexpectedly (it isn’t Halloween just yet).

Meet Up in Meta Square!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first VR edition of Meta Connect last week, our annual conference where we share the latest on products and our vision for the metaverse! In case you missed it, you can still check it out online or in Worlds. News ranged from our newest headset to the newest avatar appendages. In all seriousness though, this was the first time we hosted a VR experience in Worlds for Connect, and it was thrilling to see the space come to life with the same spirit and energy of an IRL conference—with the added benefit of a little VR magic. If you haven’t already, jump into Meta Square where you can still explore the environment and nab a great seat for a replay of the keynote.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements


  • Grabbing objects in worlds should no longer cause them to randomly go flying away from you [UserVoice]. Thanks to Goldenhands222 for working with the team in one of his worlds to help us get to the bottom of this issue.
  • Level and stats are no longer getting reset in some worlds like Arena Clash and Purged [UserVoice]. Thank you to 13_chris for working with us on this one.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where people were experiencing longer wait times on the blue void with the Horizon logo when first launching Worlds. [UserVoice]
  • Menu buttons that were missing or playing incorrect sound effects have been fixed.
  • When an object with a continuous loop animation resets in a world, nearby physics-enabled objects should no longer go flying around the world unexpectedly.
  • We’ve replaced the term ‘Online’ with ‘Active’ in various People Page shelves and on user cards within the shelves to align terminology used across Worlds and the Meta Quest Platform.
  • The raycast should no longer disappear when typing on the keyboard.
  • After spawning into some FPS games, default weapons are showing up attached to the player's waist as intended.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where video or audio playing in one world would continue to play when traveling to another world.


  • Achievement creation/update dialog will now prevent attaching multiple achievements to the same script. [UserVoice]
  • There’s no longer lag when you implement Achievements in worlds.
  • When copying objects, the new object will now spawn at an offset position, making it easier to grab and (re)use. [UserVoice]
  • When duplicating scripts with objects referencing the script, the new objects will now reference its associated script rather than the original script.
  • Fixed an issue so now when Leaderboard participation is toggled off, a person’s information will not register on the leaderboard.
  • When hovering over the Publish World button, there’s a new pop-up tooltip that explains what clicking the button will do.
  • We fixed an issue where the Sound Recorder would sometimes fail to properly record and playback audio.

Known Issues


  • When worlds or events contain 10 or more people, people may experience audio quality issues [UserVoice].
  • Haptics sometimes aren’t applied when throwing an object.
  • People are able to interact with the Horizon menu through walls or within a wall.
  • When viewing the Horizon menu, if you have voice garble enabled and you do the voice garble gesture (holding your hand up to your ear), voice garble functionality will be disabled.
  • In-world audio is unable to be heard if device volume is set too low.
  • Some people can’t proceed past the “Play with Friends” loading page[UserVoice]—we’re looking for more data on this, so please flag it to us on the Facebook Group if you see it.
  • Menus are generally loading slowly and sometimes freeze after a few clicks.
  • Music asset does not load in or stops playing.
  • The onboarding video and activity cannot be completed after trying to click Travel to head to the Welcome World.
  • When using Party Travel to travel to a personal space with a visitor, the visitor may land on a blank screen—please ask the homeowner to travel to their home alone first.
  • Low frame rate when watching other people or objects that are in motion.
  • Notifications don’t appear when guests land in another person's personal space.
  • When using party travel to go into a personal space, invited guests will fail to travel and see an "Unable to travel" panel, but the host is able to travel successfully.
  • When guests in personal space quit out of Worlds, they’re sometimes shown as "Away" in the world and not removed from the "Visiting" section of the Manage Guests menu for the host.
  • While scrolling through a shelf on the Worlds tab, the list will sometimes unexpectedly reset back to the beginning.
  • In worlds with physical hands enabled, it is hard to press buttons on wearables with your fingers.
  • Worlds with special characters in their names don’t appear in the search results correctly on the Worlds and Create tabs.


  • Unable to approve more than the 10 most recent posts to world page [UserVoice].
  • Head collision is not being detected or registered while in edit mode.
  • If a creator manually animates a group using the properties panel, other people won’t see the animation occur in the group’s actual location.
  • Projectiles are broken in some worlds—object velocities drop to 0,0,0 when you pick them up, which breaks the experience in some worlds that have things like “throwing darts” [UserVoice].
  • We’re aware of an issue where, while editing your world, you may see a save error on your left controller in which your world may fail to save any changes [UserVoice].
  • Sound capacity changes between edit, visit, and how many people are in a world [UserVoice].
  • Sound Gizmo list populates from the bottom when using the search function.
  • Switching between edit and preview mode doesn’t consistently trigger scripted On World Start events.

Visit 2.0

  • Picking up grabbables and hitting them against each other causes some games to lag.
  • People are separated from their party when traveling.
  • Players are getting stuck in areas of worlds where an exit path exists, but doors are not functioning correctly.