Meta Horizon Worlds v86 Release Notes

Oculus Blog
December 3, 2022

Meta Horizon Worlds v86 is here!

This release adds new customizable sound settings, design improvements to the menu, an easier way to create asset thumbnails, and fixes several bugs. Let’s dive in!

More Control of Your Audio Experience

We heard you, so we’re experimenting with new options to make it easier for you to control your audio settings in Worlds. Now you have more options in your sound settings to change the volume of people, video screens, music, and effects wherever you’re in Worlds.

This update gives you more flexibility to adjust sound settings to suit your needs and will provide increased accessibility for people with hearing impairments.

This will be available to 50% of people for testing with v86. If you’re part of this test group, your video screen volume will be defaulted to 75%, with people and world volumes remaining at 100%. To change this, you can go into your settings menu and tap the “sound” tab, which will allow you to change these default settings to whatever you feel most comfortable with.

We’re excited to give you more freedom over your sound control. We hope this will reduce unwanted noise and provide more accessibility for everyone in the future. Please try it out and let us know your thoughts on Uservoice.

Menu Design Updates

We’ve made changes to world categories and navigation in the main navigation menu. For improved design and discovery, we removed the tabs at the top of the main navigation and reduced the number of world categories. Categories like Art, Can’t Miss Events, Popular Hangouts, Action Games, and more will now be recommended based on interests and behavior, so you can easily discover worlds relevant to you.

We’re also excited about a “Trending New Worlds” section to highlight popular new worlds from our community. This should give popular new worlds a chance to shine in the Horizon Menu.

Easier Thumbnail Creation

We’ve updated asset thumbnail creation to make it easier to use. Now, when creating a thumbnail for a custom asset, you’ll see a camera animation with an overlay box to help line up the shot. Once you take the picture by pulling the trigger, you’ll be able to see the photo as a pop-up right in front of you. You can retake or proceed with the custom asset creation flow with the current photo.

Quality of Life Improvements


  • World settings reminders, like voice setting, user visibility, and locomotion settings, will no longer pop-up in your face every single time you visit the world.

Bug Fixes


  • World triggers will now fire even if the stats for the trigger weren’t available from the server.
  • Performance (frame rate) is now improved when grabbing multiple items.
  • People will now land in the same instance in most cases when traveling together via parties or portals.


  • Entities that are deleted and then undone will retain their original script variable attachments.

Known Issues


  • Thumbnails for several worlds show up as gray boxes.
  • When using party travel to go into personal space, invited guests will fail to travel and see an "Unable to travel" panel, but the host is able to travel successfully.
  • The invite to world option isn’t appearing on the overflow menu of party members.
  • Worlds with special characters in their names don’t appear in the search results correctly on World/Create tabs.
  • Low frame rate when watching other people or objects that are in motion.
  • Party Gestures are no longer possible when personal boundaries are turned on.
  • When searching for worlds, some thumbnails show up blurry.

Arena Clash

  • The Arena Clash health bar persists after leaving the world for some people.
  • Guns taken from another player are occasionally disappearing after several seconds.

Visit 2.0

  • In Visit 2.0, after removing an attachable, the attachable becomes stuck in place and can’t be moved for a short period of time.


  • Some creators are unable to switch into Edit mode for their worlds. If this happens to you, try cloning the world and entering Edit mode on the cloned version.
  • The spark VFX is only playing once every half-second while on a published page rather than every time it’s scripted to play.
  • Switching between Edit and Preview mode doesn’t consistently trigger scripted On World Start events.
  • Some world creators are having trouble traveling to their world in Visit mode.
  • In some worlds, it’s difficult to interact with grab points on large objects attached to an avatar.
  • In Build and Edit mode, pulling the Door gizmo into the world causes headlock and performance issues for some users.