Meta Must Plays: Cosmonious High

Oculus Blog
June 13, 2022

We’re back with the next entry in Meta Must Plays, our weekly article series that highlights must-play VR games worth checking out. Each week we encourage readers to share their thoughts about the chosen game in our Meta Must Plays Game Club on Facebook as well as across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and others using the #MetaMustPlays hashtag.

Let’s dig into this week’s Meta Must Play: Cosmonious High from Owlchemy Labs!

In Cosmonious High players take on the role of a new kid, a Prismi, at an intergalactic school for aliens. Owlchemy Labs is of course well-known for their work on the Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality games and now they're bringing their unique charm and colorful personality to a brand new experience.

Being the “new kid” is never fun in any circumstance, but thankfully the students at Cosmonious High do a great job of making you feel welcomed. During my first foray into the game I was pretty taken aback by just how bright, colorful, and beautiful everything looked. When you enroll at school at the very start you get to choose various swag items like sunglasses and a backpack that you can try on in a nifty little mirror at the check-in station.

I particularly liked how emotive all of the characters were around the school. Like Owlchemy’s past games, there are tons of spots to goof off, get funny reactions, and just be silly with all of the interactable objects. I could see a lot of opportunity for some outlandish moments so this is definitely the type of game that would benefit from you just hitting record on your headset and seeing what kind of craziness unfolds.

Plus, Cosmonious High is a timely entry for Meta Must Plays because Owlchemy Labs just updated the game last week with lots of new accessibility features to make it more approachable than ever. This update includes a new one-handed mode, improved support for playing seated, enhanced object interactions, streamlined tutorials to get new players into the game more seamlessly, and more icons to better illustrate game mechanics.

Cosmonious High from Owlchemy Labs is available now on Quest 2 and PC VR for $29.99. Don’t forget to join the Meta Must Plays Game Club on Facebook to chat with other VR gamers about the games each week and share your thoughts, screenshots, video clips, and more on social media using the #MetaMustPlays hashtag.