Meta Quest 2 Pricing Changes, ‘Beat Saber’ Included for a Limited Time

Oculus Blog
July 26, 2022

We’ve been all-in on VR since the early days of PC and mobile, all the way through to today’s premium standalone 6DOF headsets—and we’ve invested billions of dollars to help nurture a thriving VR ecosystem. Now, we’re making a change that will help us continue to invest for the long term and keep driving the VR industry forward with best-in-class hardware, action-packed games, and cutting-edge research on the path to truly next-gen devices. Starting in August, Meta Quest 2 will cost $399.99 USD and $499.99 USD for the 128GB and 256GB versions respectively. And for a limited time, every new headset purchase will include an offer to download the popular VR rhythm game Beat Saber at no additional cost.* Alongside these changes, we’ll also increase the prices for Meta Quest 2 accessories and refurbished units.

VR’s momentum is undeniable. From gaming and productivity to fitness and beyond, VR has become increasingly popular as it positively impacts the ways we work, play, and connect with each other. People have spent over $1 billion on Meta Quest apps, helping to fuel developers’ businesses as they deliver the games and experiences that make VR great.

At the same time, the costs to make and ship our products have been on the rise. By adjusting the price of Quest 2, we can continue to grow our investment in groundbreaking research and new product development that pushes the VR industry to new heights.

We have an ambitious VR hardware roadmap, beginning with the launch of our high-end headset, Project Cambria, later this year. And we plan to ship new generations of Meta Quest after that. At Reality Labs Research, we have teams dedicated to advancing the state of the art in VR displays, audio, incredibly lifelike avatars, haptics, wrist-based interfaces, and more. And on the content front, we have a robust lineup of exciting titles coming to Meta Quest 2, including Ghostbusters VR, Among Us VR, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution, BONELAB, and NFL PRO ERA—VR’s first officially-licensed NFL game.

Even with these pricing changes, Meta Quest 2 continues to be the most affordable VR headset with a comparable feature set on the market. And each headset keeps getting better after you buy. From hand tracking improvements and Air Link to Meta Horizon Home, we’re constantly adding new features to make VR more social, intuitive, and immersive than ever before. We’ll continue shipping exciting new software updates to improve our products on a regular basis.

Now’s the right time for us to double down on our efforts to push the state of the art forward. We’ll continue working alongside the developers, early adopters, and die-hard fans who play and build for VR every day, and we can’t wait to keep sharing the work we’re doing at Reality Labs on the road to the metaverse. Keep an eye on Tech at Meta and this blog for all the latest.

*People who purchase a new Meta Quest 2 from August 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022 and activate the device before January 31, 2023 using an account that does not already have Beat Saber enabled will be able to download Beat Saber at no additional cost for 14 days following activation.