Meta Quest Pro: Built with Privacy in Mind

Oculus Blog
October 10, 2022
  • Meta Quest Pro, our next-generation, high-end VR headset, offers opt-in eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions to let you express yourself in VR far more realistically than ever before.
  • We baked in privacy from the start, so you’re always in control of your experience.
    • Meta Quest Pro only collects the data needed for your device, and any features you turn on, to function optimally.
    • Eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions are off by default, and if turned on, can be paused at any time in the ‘Quick Settings’ menu. They also turn off automatically when the headset is in standby mode.
    • If you choose to turn these features on, images of your eyes and face stay on the headset, are deleted after processing, and are never shared with Meta or third-party apps.

Launching October 25, Meta Quest Pro is the first in our new advanced class of VR headsets. It introduces a wide range of immersion and social presence features, including eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions, that will enable your avatar to more closely mirror your own expressions in VR—like being able to blink, smile, or make eye contact. These kinds of non-verbal expressions are a huge part of how we communicate with other people, which most digital platforms simply can’t replicate. We’re excited to see how introducing this ability in VR will unlock richer interactions with friends, family, and co-workers than ever before.

Picture sitting on your couch, watching a movie that you and your mom have seen together dozens of times. You smile as your favorite scene comes on. And even though you’re actually thousands of miles apart, you see her avatar’s face light up and grin back at you, just like she always does during that scene. That’s something you’ll be able to experience together in Meta Horizon Home on Meta Quest Pro.

Or imagine facing a colleague during a presentation and both of you are suddenly inspired by something your colleague wrote on the board. As you turn to each other, you feel the spark of that idea as you lock eyes and smile in agreement. In Meta Horizon Workrooms on Meta Quest Pro, you can exchange meaningful eye contact, even if the two of you are working in far-flung company offices.

Implementing a sense of social presence—feeling like you’re together, despite being separated by physical distance—is a crucial stepping stone on the journey to building the metaverse. To deliver these types of breakthrough experiences, we built new sensors into the headset, including inward-facing ones, that unlock capabilities no previous Meta Quest device has had before.

Privacy Baked In From the Start

Eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions are brand-new features for the Meta Quest ecosystem that we know raise important privacy questions. This is why we made it our priority to bake privacy into the design of Meta Quest Pro from the start—so you understand the experiences these features enable, the controls we offer, and the data we collect to deliver them. Here’s how it works:

Simple and Transparent Setup

The setup process for eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions is easy to understand and transparent. When you set up your Meta Quest Pro headset, you’ll be given the option to enable these features with clear notices of how they work and links to our privacy notices to learn more.

You Control What Features Are On

If you choose to turn on eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions, your headset will analyze images of your eyes and face in real time to produce a set of numbers that represent estimates of where you’re looking in VR and your facial movement. These features are off by default—you decide whether to turn them on, and they are not used to identify you. We’ve also made it easy for you to pause those features at any time from the ‘Quick Settings’ menu so that when you un-pause, you won’t have to go through setup again. All sensors on your Meta Quest Pro, including cameras and microphone, turn off automatically when your headset enters sleep mode.

Raw Images Are Never Shared with Meta or Third Parties

Images your Meta Quest Pro captures of your eyes and face never leave your device and are deleted after processing. This means that neither Meta nor third-party apps will have access to these images.

App-level Controls

In the Meta Quest Store, we’ll indicate which apps offer eye tracking or Natural Facial Expressions, so you know before downloading them. The first time you open an app that supports these features, you’ll be asked whether you want to turn them on, even if you’ve already enabled them at a headset level. And you’ll always be able to turn them off if you change your mind.

Bystander Signaling

Meta Quest Pro uses outward facing cameras to enable features like Passthrough, which allows you to step outside your view in VR to see your real-time surroundings. We want people nearby to know when these cameras may be capturing them, so we’ve built external LED lights into the headset that turn on when Passthrough is in use.

You Choose Whether to Share More

If you want to personalize your experience and improve the Meta Quest Pro product experience for everyone, you can choose to share additional data during your initial setup and can change this at any time in ‘Settings.’ This will help us understand which features and apps people like using the most so we can make them better in future software updates. Learn more in our Help Center.

Building Together

As we all work towards building the metaverse together, we’re committed to continually strengthening our privacy controls and protections on Meta Quest devices. We'll continue to develop new features that ensure Meta Quest Pro offers both an immersive experience and one that always has privacy and safety at the forefront.