Monday Must-Play— ‘Moss: Book II’

Oculus Blog
August 1, 2022

We’re back with the next entry in Monday Must-Play, our weekly article series that highlights must-play VR games worth checking out. Each week we encourage readers to share their thoughts about the chosen game in our Monday Must-Play Game Club on Facebook as well as across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and others using the #MondayMustPlay hashtag.

Without Further ado, let’s dig into this week’s Monday Must-Play game of the week: Moss: Book II!

The Moss series of VR-exclusive action-adventure platformer games star you, the player, as a powerful guardian spirit tasked with assisting a brave mouse warrior named Quill. In the original game you embark on a fantastical quest across a vibrant fantasy world to save your uncle and with the sequel, the stakes are even higher.

Quill wields a powerful sword and holds a mysterious Glass that evil forces known as the Arcane are seeking to take from her to unmake the world and wreak havoc across the land. The Moss games utilize an inventive premise in that even though you directly control Quill and her actions, you have a physical presence in the world as well. You can reach out and move objects, manipulate areas of the level to help Quill solve puzzles, and even look down and wave at your little mouse friend—she’ll even wave back and use sign language too!

I have a real soft spot for the original Moss, I’ve played it through twice so far. It’s short and to the point like many classic 3D action games and platformers of yesteryear, but it uses the magic of VR in unique ways that really elevate the experience. Thankfully, the sequel is more of what made the original so timeless, plus brand-new innovations to keep you engaged.

Moss: Book II from developer Polyarc is available now on Quest 2 for $39.99 USD. Don’t forget to join the Meta Must Plays Game Club on Facebook to chat with other VR gamers about the games each week and share your thoughts, screenshots, video clips, and more on social media using the #MetaMustPlays hashtag. For past entries, check out Nock, Cosmonious High, and Little Cities.