Monstercat’s Out of the Bag: ‘Beat Saber’ Music Pack Now Available on Rift
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March 14, 2019

Confirmed earlier this week by Beat Games, indie VR sensation Beat Saber just dropped the Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1—available now on Rift!

“Partnering with Monstercat for our very first Music Pack was basically a no-brainer for us,” says Beat Games Head of Marketing Michaela Dvorak. “It’s a perfect match because we believe in their progressive attitude and appreciate their supportive approach towards the games industry. Monstercat is a great example of the modern, next-generation record label that’s relevant in the 21st century.”

Here’s the full track list (ICYMI):

“My favorites are definitely ‘Boundless’ by Aero Chord and ‘Emoji VIP’ by Pegboard Nerds,” Dvorak notes. “‘Rattlesnake’ by Rogue reminds me of summer festivals with my friends, and when I want to challenge myself, I play ‘Overkill’ by RIOT. That track is crazy.”

The 10 tracks are available individually for $1.99 USD each, or you can score the full Music Pack for $12.99 USD.

Alongside Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1, Beat Saber is pushing its biggest PC update so far. Starting now, players can access Campaign mode plus all five tracks from Beat Saber OST Vol. II.

“I would like to thank to all of our players and fans who have been here with us, who are supporting us, believing in us, and pushing the team and the game forward,” says Dvorak. “I have never seen such an engaged and caring gaming community—it’s full of such a nice people. They’re becoming friends with each other, meeting on the leaderboards, on social media, and even in real life! Thank you guys for being with us, and enjoy the very first Music Pack! We’re happy you can finally try it.”

Get in the groove—again or for the first time—with Beat Saber on Rift today!

— The Oculus Team

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