Mountain Majesty: Latest Meta Quest Software Update Adds a New Home Environment, Share to Headset on iOS, and More

Oculus Blog
April 11, 2022

Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and exciting new software updates are getting ready to migrate to Meta Quest headsets around the world.

Soon we’ll begin rolling out v39. The highlight? A new Home environment that will transport you away to a majestic mountain retreat for some peace and quiet. We’re also rolling out a few new features to give you better control of your multitasking setup, and Apple fans will be excited to hear that v37’s “Share to Headset” feature is arriving on iOS with this update.

Read on for more details, and we’ll see you back here soon to celebrate the big 4-0 on Quest.

The Mountain Study

In VR, your office can be…anything. Anywhere.

Back in v34 we rolled out Studio, the first of our productivity-oriented Home environments. As part of v39 we’re rolling out the second and leaving the city behind. With a hint of snow-capped peaks and a quiet cathedral of redwoods, the new Mountain Study environment is the perfect place to focus—whether you’re fielding Messenger calls, catching up on the day’s news, or taking a crack at writing a novel.

To access this new Home environment, look for v39’s new “Virtual Workspace” tab in your Quest’s settings menu:

You can also use this tab to manage any mixed reality desks or couches you’ve added to your workspace.

Officially Multitasking

We’ve rolled out quite a few features over the past year designed to help you multitask while wearing Quest—but all under the guise of our “Experimental” settings tab.

No longer! Now, all of the multitasking features have graduated from “Experimental” to general availability. This means no need to opt-in to them anymore.

And we’re adding a few new quality-of-life features and bits of polish around the edges as well. For apps that support multiple instances (like the Meta Quest Browser), you’ll now be able to select which window you want to restore when you click the corresponding icon in the Universal Menu. We’re also making it easier to swap between multiple apps and return to whatever you last had open. Look for these final touches to roll out over the course of the next month.

Share to Headset on iOS

When we launched Share to Headset for Android phones back in v37, we said iOS support wouldn’t be far behind.

Here it is. Share to Headset will begin rolling out to iOS devices as part of v39. To recap: Share to Headset enables you to quickly and conveniently send made-for-VR content from your phone to your Quest. Maybe someone sent you a link to Tokyo Origami, maybe you were browsing Reddit and someone mentioned a cool new experience you want to try out—either way you can have it ready-and-waiting as soon as you put on your headset.

Make sure your Quest is turned on and Bluetooth is enabled. Then open a website on your phone, click Share, choose the Oculus App → Open Now, select your headset, and it’ll automatically open in Browser when you put your headset on.

You might also notice we’ve changed the Meta Quest Browser logo. Check it out:

That’s v39, short and sweet. Look for it to roll out gradually over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy your trip to the mountains—and of course, we’ll have another update for you in the near future. Keep an eye out!