Move to the Rhythm with Friends in New Multiplayer Mode for ‘Synth Riders’

Oculus Blog
February 27, 2020

Since launching on Oculus Quest, Synth Riders has charmed its neon-bathed way into many a VR rhythm gamer’s heart. And today, players on both Quest and the Rift Platform are in for a treat as developer Kluge Interactive releases a free Multiplayer Update!

Players can create private and public lobbies for up to five players. While the lobbies are social, all mics are off once a song starts. Each lobby keeps score of the total number of wins per player, while the leaderboard lets you scroll through multiple song scores to keep tabs on the competition.

To celebrate today’s update, we caught up with five avid Synth Riders players to get their thoughts on the game.

How would you describe Synth Riders?

Njna: Every song in Synth Riders is an experience. Some of them feel like you’re an artist painting the song before you, flowing down the rails and pointing out the musical notes of interest along the way. Others are a dance instructor, keeping you on the general path, but allowing you to show your own creative expression. And lastly are the chaos maps, those that want to test your reflexes, hand speed, cognition, and concentration to their thresholds and let you know you’ve got some practice ahead of you.

Ichderhorst: Synth Riders is a rhythm dance game for all players, good or bad, that love a challenge or some fun dancing.

Wirrel42: Synth Riders is a dance rhythm game that lets you really feel the music—moving to the rhythm, catching notes, and riding sound waves inside neon-drenched retro-future environments that respond to the music and you.

whattheshark: A retro-futuristic world where you fly through beautiful environments and connect with music while collecting orbs in the name of Andromeda.

Winterz: Synth Riders is like if the ’80s never ended. You’re thrust into a synthwave environment, and when the music kicks in, you are compelled to move!

What’s your favorite part of the game?

Njna: I love the emotional release of dancing in VR—of knowing the movements of a song and its layered rhythms and harmonies to such an extent that you can feel the game when you hear the song outside of VR. Dancing to what the musical artist and the map creator created feels like art, and that’s beautiful.

Ichderhorst: The rails are the best part—no other games have this nice style.

Wirrel42: Originally I was drawn in by the retrowave feel—really great music by real synthwave artists and an art style that is unique. But the more I played the game, the mechanics of the rails in particular, combined with a play style that I really enjoy, keep me looking for more.

whattheshark: Undoubtedly the way that Synth Riders lets you connect with music—the rails really let you feel the music—and encourages you to move and dance but doesn’t force you to.

Winterz: Typically, I’m not someone who goes out of their way for exercise, but with Synth Riders, I find myself craving it. It generates almost something akin to a runner’s high for me. The music and the athletic look is almost comforting in a way, and the community and the development team is very welcoming, so it even further removes the barrier to entry. If you’re looking for something engaging to get a great workout, this is the game for you!

Why are you excited for the new multiplayer mode?

Njna: I look forward to crushing the souls of my prey and seeing their scores crumble before me. LOL j/k. I'm actually really looking forward to playing online with so many of the great friends I’ve made in the Synth Riders community and to having a chance to compete with them in real time.

Ichderhorst: To challenge good players and talk in-game when we play about parts of the maps, how great they are, and how good I am at mastering them.

Wirrel42: Synth Riders players have created an amazing community, and I’ve made some great friends playing this game with them. So I’m excited to be able to finally play socially with them—it will be amazing fun!

whattheshark: It’s going to be great to get in a room with friends, goof around, and enjoy this game that we all love so much, together.

Winterz: Now not only am I able to rip up the high score board and have little battles with other players, I will be able to do it in person and compete head-to-head with some of the coolest people in the VR community!

There are even more great updates on the horizon, including the Electro Swing Essentials DLC—a combination of paid tracks and free songs from artists like Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry, and Electric Swing Circus, slated to launch later this spring.

We’ll share more news as things develop, so stay tuned—and join the official Discord for all the latest!