Multiplayer Madness: ‘Mini Motor Racing X’ Introduces Party Pack Update

Oculus Blog
February 18, 2021

Whether you want to sit behind the wheel for some intense driving action or take in the spectacle from above, the tiny cars of Mini Motor Racing X pack a sizable fun-filled punch on the Oculus Quest Platform. And today, four all-new party games take the multiplayer mayhem to a new level.

In Bombs Away, all players start in the center of the arena. A random player starts with the bomb, which brings with it enhanced speed. The player with the bomb can ram another player to pass the bomb onto them. Whoever has the bomb when the fuse runs down (and explodes) loses one health pip, and they start with a fresh bomb. Last one standing wins.

In King of the Road, all players once again start in the center of the arena, with a random player donning the crown—which earns you points while wearing it. Players must try to ram the crown holder to get the crown for themselves. Whoever has the most points when the time limit runs out wins.

Each player in Battle Arena starts with three health pips, and cars start spread out across the arena. Players pick up random weapons or items and attempt to attack the other players while avoiding their attacks. Last one standing wins.

Drop Zone mixes things up, with players starting spaced out around a floating platform. Players aim to knock each other off the edge of the platform—which shrinks over time, increasing the danger. Last one standing wins.

Ready to put the pedal to the metal and see how your racing skills stack up against the competition? Check out Mini Motor Racing X and the Party Pack Update on the Quest Platform today.