Releases Recap: October 10 – 14

Oculus Blog
October 15, 2022

This week, we released a bunch of titles and updates across the Quest and Rift Platforms. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

GYM CLASS is the top VR basketball simulator. Experience high-flying dunks, pickup games with friends around the world, and compete to be a star in the largest VR sports community. With state-of-the-art physics, GYM CLASS makes VR basketball feel like the real thing. Use your real-life shooting, passing, and dribbling moves in the game—unlocking more creativity, and a better workout along the way. Note: Only a solo court experience is supported on the original Quest at this time.

Perfect For: Fans of NFL PRO ERA, TOTALLY BASEBALL, and Sports Scramble
Developer: IRL Studios Inc.
Available On: Quest Platform

Arcaxer is a turn-based VR RPG with first person action oriented combat, and a 3rd person god-view overworld set in a sci-fi simulation filled with colorful AI characters. In the overworld you will explore procedural dungeons to find equipment and new abilities for your character. You can access the hub world to interact with NPC's and buy new items with the credits that you earn in the dungeon. Choose fighter, thief, or mage to drastically change which abilities you learn as you level up your character. Even though combat is turn-based, you must dodge enemy attacks with your body, and aim and time your own attacks with gestures. Can you make it to the top of "The Stack"?

Perfect For: Fans of RUINSMAGUS, The Tale of Onogoro, and Blaston
Developer: Overrun Games
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform

ForeVR Bowl
Happy Spooktober, bowlers! ForeVR Bowl’s spooky Halloween update brings fearsome festivities your way. Halloween balls get the blacklight treatment—find them in the Blacklight Boo-wling section of the Pro Shop! You can also listen to frightful tunes in-hall, plus a spooky playlist in the jukebox. And you’ll find Halloween decorations in the lobby, plus more decorations and ghostly avatars in the Blacklight Bowling ForeVR 90s Hall. Better still, after a year’s worth of invaluable player feedback and reviews, 5 million bowls thrown and 500k games played, ForeVR Bowl has upgraded its Optimized throw to ensure it feels more consistent and more realistic, with better control. Enjoy your in-game tricks and treats!

Perfect For: Fans of ForeVR Cornhole, ForeVR Darts, and Walkabout Mini Golf
Developer: ForeVR Games
Available On: Quest Platform

Nock - Cosmic Fall
As the first official season for Nock, Cosmic Fall adds in a ton of new content to enjoy. Most notably, a new Rewards system introduces six new bows, two new avatar skins, and over twenty new blocks that you can unlock by playing matches and climbing the ranks. All items include an edition number. The earlier you unlock an item, the lower your edition number will be. If you're the first player to unlock an item, you'll have edition #1! Cosmic Fall also adds two new arenas to the matchmaking rotation and custom games: a starry Space arena, "The Void,” and "Woodlands,” a cosmic-forest themed map. Best of all, this update lays the foundation for future cosmetics, seasons, and lots of exciting new features coming to Nock in the near future!

Perfect For: Fans of Ultimechs, Echo VR, and STRIDE
Developer: Normal
Available On: Quest 2

Startenders - Endless Update
“Either the Academy thinks you’re really good...or we’re low on students again..” Abducted, dazed, and slightly confused, prepare for your unexpected enrollment into the Startenders Academy. Your goal, apparently, is to create bizarre beverages for colourful customers in the hope that no one notices you haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on. Let loose with a cocktail shaker, a collection of mad machinery, and an abundance of crazy ingredients to mix, shake and serve your way across the universe. The new Endless Update introduces a casual endless mode, plus new cosmetics and more!

Perfect For: Fans of Cook-Out, Cooking Simulator VR, and Clash of Chefs VR
Developer: Foggy Box Games
Available On: Quest Platform

Gun Club VR: Reloaded
The best VR firearm simulator just got a whole lot better. Full audio remastering for every weapon, massively enhanced textures and lighting, and remodeled ranges makes this the most realistic and accurate version of Gun Club ever. With over 100 weapons and counting, as well as interactive ranges, sideshows, and the unlimited freedom of sandbox mode, there has never been a better time to hit the range.

Perfect For: Fans of Zero Caliber: Reloaded, Onward, and Contractors
Developer: The Binary Mill
Available On: Quest Platform

Visit the Store on the Quest and Rift Platforms for even more immersive content. We’ll see you back here next week for another batch of releases.