New WebVR Experiences Entertain, Educate, and Let You Explore

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November 17, 2017

In April 2017, we released React VR—a library that lets developers with an understanding of JavaScript build and ship compelling VR experiences across multiple channels with speed and ease. Our work in React VR is one more way we’re making it easier for more developers to create VR content and lay the groundwork for immersive web experiences in—and outside of—VR. Today, we’re highlighting some of the engaging experiences we’ve seen that connect brands and organizations from across industries with their fans online, on the go, and in VR.

The best part? There's no app required—just jump in and jet off to these destinations.

Just like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle brings four teens inside a video game, Sony’s interactive 360° video scavenger hunt built in React VR takes you inside the film where you’ll find hidden objects and unlock new content—including behind-the-scenes footage you won’t find anywhere else.

Click here to learn more, or dive into the jungle now.

The British Museum teamed up with Oculus to welcome new audiences using React VR. High-resolution 360° photography combine with layers of additional content, including audio commentary from curators, text descriptions, and interactive 3D models of highlighted objects. From the tomb-chapel of Nebamun to mummies, funerary art, and more, you can explore all that the British Museum’s wildly popular Egyptian galleries have to offer—from the comfort of your own home.

“We’re hugely excited to offer people around the world access to this first-of-its-kind gallery tour,” says Hannah Boulton, Head of Press & Marketing. “The British Museum has always been open to everyone, but this kind of technology means we can make this a reality in an unprecedented way, allowing anyone across the world to immerse themselves in our Egyptian collections. We’re proud to have worked with Oculus on this important project.”

Click here to learn, check out a technical deep dive on our Developer Blog, and take the tour at This interactive 360° experience can be viewed from any device. To make the most of the experience—and be fully immersed—launch it using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus or using the Oculus Browser.

We also worked with the National Gallery to bring its Sainsbury Wing galleries into VR, inviting people to tour the National Gallery’s Collection of Early Renaissance art though their social media feed, web browser, or VR headset. This will feature some of the greatest treasures of the National Gallery Collection, including the Wilton Diptych, Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, and Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin of the Rocks.

The full virtual tour will launch in December, and you can explore two rooms featuring the works of Early Renaissance artists like Raphael and Crivelli today through a free public beta.

“The National Gallery believes immersive media like VR has the potential to change the way people create, consume, and distribute art,” says Digital Director Chris Michaels. “We want to explore the many different ways that will impact what we do and are delighted to work with Oculus, Vizor, and Matterport on this brilliant collaboration.”

Visit the National Gallery’s Facebook page to learn more.

Travel and Tourism
Owned by Trip Advisor and operated independently, sends investigators out to hotels and travel destinations around the world where they’ve captured thousands of unedited 360° photos. With React VR, they’ve built an interactive experience that lets travelers try before they fly.

“Our goal at Oyster is to let travelers know exactly what they’re going to get before they check in,” explains Senior Product Manager Tracy Drossman. “We’ve done this through undoctored photos and honest reviews from our in-person hotel and cruise ship visits. With Oyster on Oculus, travelers can now feel like they’ve come along on those visits.”

Visit to experience it for yourself.

Discover Dubai VR is a treasure hunt game created by Dubai Tourism that encourages people to explore the emirate in 360° whether they’re in a VR headset, at a desk, or on their phone. Keep an eye out for its release in December.

USA TODAY NETWORK takes you inside Kentucky’s 200-year-old Buffalo Trace Distillery to learn the ins and outs of bourbon production. You're guided by the master distiller and a tour guide through the warehouse and distilling room, as well as “Bourboun Pompeii” and “Warehouse X”—two spots that aren’t on the public tour. The interactive released earlier this year has been updated for better performance, and contains 360-degree photos layered with 2-D videos, text and spatial audio. You can browse in 360° on your mobile device or desktop.

Click here to learn more or dive in today.

Facebook News Feed
We’re also excited to share that we’ve started testing native React VR integration and experience playback within Facebook News Feed. Although we’re still in the experimentation phase, we’re inspired by the potential to let even more people experience quality VR content—wherever they may be.

The Wide World of WebVR
Although it started as an experiment, WebVR has attracted a passionate community working hard to add new capabilities and development tools while pushing the boundaries of creation as WebVR continues to evolve. It’s still early days, but we see WebVR as an important building block on the road to immersive computing. The promise to visit a website in your headset and immediately be in a VR experience—no apps required—is an exciting one. Brands interested in learning more or partnering with Oculus can contact

Stay tuned for more on what’s ahead!

— The Oculus Team