November Platform Updates: Rift + Gear VR

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Posted by Oculus VR
November 8, 2017

We’re back with a monthly look at the newest updates rolling out across the Oculus Platform. Our goal is to make your experience exploring new content and sharing with friends across both Rift and Gear VR better and easier. Here’s a closer look at what we’ve been working on recently:


Login Confirmation
We care deeply about keeping your accounts safe. This month, we’re adding login confirmation as an extra measure of protection. Soon, if you try to access your Oculus account from a device we believe might be compromised, you’ll be prompted to confirm your identity. We’ll send a code to your Oculus email address, along with notifications to any other devices you’re logged into, so you can get back into VR as quickly as possible.

Gear VR

Livestream Comments
Gear VR Livestreaming launched earlier this year, and we’ve seen people share a wide range of VR experiences, from their first time playing Face Your Fears to virtual tours of their favorite apps. Now you can view comments and reactions from inside VR while you’re Livestreaming to Facebook.

Oculus Browser
We added WebGL 2.0 support for improved WebVR and 3D web content performance. That means smoother playback and higher quality.

Oculus Rooms Updates
There are now even more ways to interact with friends and spend time in Rooms:

  • Share Your Photos from Facebook: From the Oculus Rooms TV, you can now select “My Photos” and share content—even 360° photos—from Facebook with your friends.
  • Access More Facebook Video Content: Enjoy an even better selection of Facebook videos, curated into channels like Comedy, Sports, Science & Tech, and more. It's all accessible directly from the TV in Rooms.
  • Play Chess with Friends: Challenge friends and match wits with Chess, a fully 3D game available right in Rooms.


Dynamic Bundle Pricing
Have an eye on a bundle but already own one or more of the titles included? Soon you'll be able to take advantage of sale pricing that adjusts dynamically based on what’s already in your content library.Your personalized bundle price will appear in the Oculus Store automatically. Dynamic Bundle Pricing is beginning to roll out now with the Rift 1.20 software release.

Questions? Feedback? Share your thoughts in the Oculus Forum, and stay tuned next month for more updates!

— The Oculus Team