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November Rift Platform Updates: Make Home Your Pirate Getaway, Plus New Custom Objects
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
November 9, 2018

As your personal space in virtual reality, we’re always excited to share the latest updates and additions to the Rift experience. The latest Rift software update is now available, introducing UI improvements, new features, and plenty of fresh pirate swag for Home.

Dash UI Improvements
This month, we improved the overall look and feel of Dash, bringing enhanced accessibility to settings. Simply hover over the right side of the belt for instant access to volume controls, Touch status, battery life, and to re-center your view.

Updating Custom 3D Objects
We're seeing tons of people use our custom 3D objects pipeline to create and decorate their Homes with animated sculptures, Medium statues, and personal photographs. This month, we're introducing the ability to add embedded panels into your custom objects. Now you can stream PC desktop windows from any item of your own design. We're loving this inspired take from one of our Oculus Medium Artists...Note: this function currently only works in solo mode.

Turn Oculus Home into a Pirate's Paradise
Lastly, this month's themed content update is arrrrgh-uably adventurous. Our new pirates collection of floor and ceiling materials, decorations, furniture, and outfits brings the open seas right to your living room.

Everyone can unlock a starter set of decorations by logging into Oculus Home between now and December 1st. You'll also find rare artifacts inside of reward packs as you spend time in Oculus Home throughout November.

Unlock the Captain's Throne, Skull and Crossbones, or Benjamin, a poor landlubber that's been turned into a candle, and design your own whimsically macabre space. For a nautical twist, keep an eye out for the Ship's Anchor and Forbidden Treasure.

After you've turned Home into your personal pirate getaway, complete the theme by outfitting your avatar with new clothing and accessory options, like a tricorn hat and leather vest. To customize your Avatar, simply place the Avatar Editor special object in your Home. Once updated, pick up the Mauvebeard's Cutlass or Mauvebeard's Hook to complete the ensemble and bring your swashbuckling self to (virtual) life!

Tip: To collect rewards earned in Oculus Home, simply bring up the menu with your left hand, and go to the Notifications tab.

To share ideas and feedback about changes you'd like to see on Rift, visit our UserVoice channel:

— The Oculus Team